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Ah~ De Culture!

Radio Macross and Other Thoughts

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Macross was one of the biggest things to come into my life when I was a child. My mother had asked my grandmother to bring back a transforming robot for me and my older brother from Japan since we were into Transformers, and of course it turned out to be the 1/55 Takatoku valkyries (I got the VF-1S and my brother got the cannon fodder VF-1A). I couldn't read or speak Japanese at this time (except a few words), so when I discovered Robotech, everything changed. My mother started getting us Macross anime books, which made me want to learn what they said. She slowly started teaching me the alphabet (the first word I ever wrote was "Minmei" ha ha) and she gave me a dictionary to look up words. As a result I started learning Japanese through anime and manga, as well as TV and music, which lead to reading novels, the newspaper, and currently the internet and more serious affair (although I still love to read manga and watch anime).

I'm very excited about the Macross Frontier series and was thrilled to learn about the Radio Macross program. As a big, big geek, I do listen to a lot of anime related shows (Radio Macross and Zetsubou Housou rank as my favorites currently). Hopefully, I can help out other Macross fans with tidbits from the shows.

Hope everyone enjoys this blog!