Macross 25th

Radio Macross #6 (February 12, 2008)

This week, Nobutoshi "Basara" Canna appears for a two-parter.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Basara sings “Remember 16.”  Ranka applauds and calls him “Ojisan .”  Basara laughs and asks how old she is (16), and says that’s about how old he was when he met Ray.  Ranka says that she would like to sing as well as him one day, although she thinks it’s impossible.  Basara tells her it’s not if she sings from the heart wherever she is.  Bobby calls for Ranka and Basara bids her farewell.  Bobby asks if she knows the man, and Ranka says she just met him.  Bobby says he’s seen that hairstyle somewhere and wonders who the man is. Kenta and Megu introduce themselves and comment on how hot it is.  They mention that there is a special guest today.

2.  Ordinary Letters
“Seventh Moon,” the theme song to Macross 7 plays and has been requested by many listeners.  They decide to introduce the guest, and Canna Nobutoshi introduces himself first jokingly under another name before his real name.  Canna comments that Kenta is sweating, and both DJs are excited he’s in the studio.  There’s a lot of mail for Canna and he says he’s happy.  Fan “Merry-go-round Pais (sp)” says that the line “Listen to my song!” is the greatest line from all Macross series.  They ask Canna to say his line, which he does:  “War is stupid!  Listen to my song!” and both are thoroughly impressed.  Kenta mentions that Canna and Megu have met before, briefly passing each other at the 25th Live Concert.  They talk about Megu’s age (18) and Canna says he’s 40 (Megu says he doesn’t look it), which prompts talk that Megu could be Canna’s daughter.  Megu says that she would be happy if Basara was her father, and Canna does Basara’s lines as if he’s talking to a baby.  They move on to another letter, from Botsan, who says he just discovered Macross, and likes to sing along with Basara when he watched Macross 7.  When Basara speaks, he was so moved and couldn’t sing anymore.  “Fire Bomber is the best!”  Kenta mentions that Megu is so moved, her hands are shaking, but she’s really nervous.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta mentions that during the prep they discussed Canna’s “De Culture” moment.  Canna says Kenta’s gotten a lot bigger since he last saw him, like a Zentraedy.  Kenta says he’s always been big.  They move on to the real De Culture moment, where Canna was entering a restaurant for lunch and the lights went out when he entered.  “What, are they closed?!”  he thought, and says that’s the first time that’s happened to him.  Megu asks if they were really closed and Kenta tells Megu to choose her words carefully.

Next is a De Culture greater than Canna’s from “Run-run-kozou-san.”  On a train he stared at a girl playing the DS, wondering what game it was.  The girl looked up at him angrily and fixed her skirt.  For a moment he didn’t realize why the girl was angry and then he did and got off at the next stop.  “I wasn’t looking at you!”  Canna says that misconceptions like that happen, like when he’s reading the hanging signs on a train and there’s a girl in a mini skirt sitting across from him.  They comment that being perverted isn’t good and have a good laugh.  The reader’s comment gets a “Kyun Kyun.”

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
Continuing from last week’s theme, Yagyu-nijubei-san asks her for an impersonation.  She impersonates an employee at a restaurant.  She says that she’s done and can go home.  Canna mentions a brand name store that welcomes its patrons with “shosui.”  Kenta asks Canna for an impersonation, which is a helicopter.

Next is Sanma no hone-san’s request, asking what kind of clothes she likes right now (best three) and if she likes jeans, since she’s always in a skirt.  Canna says she’s dressed cutely, and that she’s in a one-piece today.  She wants easy requests like this and asks for lots of mail. 

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is Macross 7.  Sekki comes in, but Kenta says that his knowledge isn’t necessary today because of the “Guest Professor.”  Macross 7 broadcast from October 1994 through September 1995.  Fan Ryuta-san asks if there was any pressure playing the lead in a Macross sequel.  Canna says that when he auditioned, he already thought he was right for the part.  He asks Kenta if he ever feels that way about a character, and Megu says that’s cool.  He didn’t have time to feel pressured.  Fan Isso-san asks about the Fukuyama (singer) and Canna connection for Basara.  Everyone thought that Canna sang the songs, and he really isn’t sure how they decided on Fukuyama for the singing Basara (all decided by the staff).  They’re working together under a band name “Fukujin,” and when he raises his voice a little, he sounds like Fukuyama.  Kenta mentions that Canna and Fukyama’s voices are very similar and hard to distinguish.  Canna says that back then, he was like Basara and a lot of personality traits overlapped when he looks back on what he was like then.

Megu announces that the most requests were for “Angel Voice” by Nekki Basara.  Canna mentions that he loves this song and Fukujin always performs it.

6.  Macross Information and Closing
Two hobby pieces of information:  From Happinet, 1/144 scale collection toy:  “Macross Valkyrie Collection 2.”  Second is on 2/24, Wonder Festival Winter 2008 will have a Macross booth.

Kenta and Megu thank Canna for being so nice, and move into the sponsors and contact information.  They announce that he’ll be a guest next week again.

Keyword:  Valentine’s Day
Kenta – “I thought I was supposed to get chocolate from my younger sister.”
Canna – Doki Doki Canna Nobutoshi

Megu – “I’ll make a lot of chocolates this year again.”

Macross 25th

So Behind!

Sorry for those that actually view this site.  I have written summaries for almost all the shows, but I've fallen so far behind on posting.  I'll try to post a lot of them today.

I'm really going to miss Radio Macross when it's over.  :<  Hopefully Radio Macross F will be a good show.  Hmm... there's yet another Code Geass Radio show too.  Too many things to listen to, although Radio School Days will be ending a couple of weeks...
Macross 25th

RADIO MACROSS F (Starting 4/4/08)

I somehow missed all this information, but was able to find some Japanese blogs that discuss the new Macross radio show, “RADIO MACROSS F.”  Apparently this information is published in the April issue of Newtype as well.

Hosts will be Yuichi Nakamura (Alto) and Hiroshi Kamiya (Michael).  Broadcast begins either Friday April 4th or Saturday April 5th  at 25:30, but the normal broadcast is on Sundays (at least on Bunka Housou).  Broadcast stations announced are Bunka Housou and MBS currently, so just like the current “Radio Macross.”  No word yet if there will be a online stream, although Onsen seems like a good candidate.  Then again, the new Radio Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan show is not streamed on Onsen, although the previous was...

Also, it looks like Megumi Nakajima will have her own little corner on the show.  I hope so, since somehow all same-sex host shows I’ve listened to before seem to get dull fast.  I’m mixed on the idea of Alto and Michael hosting a show together, but hopefully it’s interesting.   I do like Hiroshi Kamiya's voice in the Zetsubou Housou.  I wonder if that show is going to end.

And now a bit of trivia.  Did you know…

RADIO MACROSS F will be the fourth Macross Radio series (from what I can tell).   

The first Macross radio show was back in 1984 with “Radio Macross Minna De Culture,” hosted by the bridge girls Vanessa, Kim, and Shammy.  I’ve found two episodes of the show, which isn’t really great, and Sasaki Run’s high pitched voice is a little off-putting.  Interesting to listen to, although it really shows it age.

The second radio show was in 1996 with “Macross World,” hosted by Takehito Koyasu (Gamlin) and Akiko Nakagawa (the Flower Girl).  I can’t really find how long it lasted (I’m sure if I dragged out my old Newtypes I could), but it had many Macross voice actor guests, including Mari Iijima.  Also, the high points were the Macross Classic and Macross 7 Trash radio dramas.

The third and fourth radio shows are the Radio Macross and Radio Macross F shows this year.

There was a show called “Anime Express Galaxy Network” with Tomo Sakurai (Mylene) that began in April 1995, but I’m not sure if this was an official Macross show.  According to what I’ve read, early episodes concentrated on Macross 7 news, while later episodes concentrated on other anime shows.  Also, it did have the Macross Generations radio drama for ten weeks from February 1997 through April 1997.

I should be posting the next radio summary either today or tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


Macross 25th

Radio Macross #5 (February 5, 2008)

Here's episode five's summary, but before that I found that the official Macross F Blog (found on the website) will announce all the details for the new radio show.  The March 6th posting that says:

"There will also be a radio show!  Macross F.  "Yakku De Culture~" (not sure if this is the title or just a reaction to the news).  The hosts will be that person and that person and... and the content will be like this and that... although I don't know anything.  Just wait a little while for the details.  We'll also have an announcement on this site."

Anyway, I'm sad and disappointed that Radio Macross is ending so early.  It's quickly become my favorite radio show!  I was hoping it would last at least one year...

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
It’s Setsubun and Bobby is throwing beans.  Ranka asks what he’s doing and he gives her 16 beans to match her age to eat.  He tells her that it will keep her healthy for the year.  Bobby counts out 55 beans and tells her that it’s his age and Ozma’s added together (28+27).  Ranka tells him he’s eating too many, and Bobby begins to choke.

Kenta and Megumi just realize that Bobby is a year older than Ozma, although Ozma acts older.  They briefly discuss the guests from the previous weeks and how guests will be coming to future shows.

2.  Ordinary Letters
“Dynamite Explosion” from Dynamite Seven is requested by Kinsuke-san.  They discuss the song being fierce and yet refreshing.  To a letter by Angel Rock who comments about the ending of the second episode regarding Seijin-shiki.  He asks if Kenta really did stop a brawl between the adults and the police (he did because one was his friend).  He tells listeners, and Megumi, not to become one of those adults.

Asshi-san writes that he had a destined meeting with Macross when he was in kindergarten.   He was hit by a car (not serious) and the person driving brought him a Macross toy when he visited his house.  They wonder why the man gave him a valkyrie, but say that boys would probably have been happy to receive toys like that.  Megumi says that she would like to build a (valkyrie) model and Kenta says they should in the studio one day.  She asks for his help and goes onto say that he’ll build 100% of the model.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kasahara Takashi says that at a stoplight in Tokyo, he heard a scrapping noise near him and saw a man brushing his teeth on his left.  When the signal changed green, the man continued brushing his teeth and disappeared into the crowd.  He gets a “De Culture” rating.  They like the letter, but Megumi says “brush your teeth at home, or at least at work.”

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
From last week’s Oyaji no hige-san request, we hear about Megumi’s record collection.  She owns 152, mostly from dusty bargain bins at old record shops or electronic stores (she needs to wear a face mask).  A majority of records are Matsuda Seiko, influenced by her mother singing at karaoke.  Kenta mentions that the an old girlfriend listened to “Anata ni aitakute.”

Megumi says that her favorite recommendation right now is Joss Stone’s CD and talks about Joss Stone’s soul songs.  They move into Konishi’s request for the best five records.

#5:  Yagami Junko’s single “Mizuiro no ame” – she discovered this song from a TV show recently.

#4:  Madonna’s “Angel” from her Like A Virgin LP.   She probably discovered this from her father’s CD and they talk about Madonna, and how no one really knows this song.

#3:  Earth Wind and Fire’s Brazilian Rhyme.  Kenta comments he doesn’t really get, and comments that it’s from the ‘70s when he wasn’t even born!  She comments that it was in her father’s CD collection and she is influenced by her father’s tastes. 

#2:  Matsuda Seiko’s Konya wa Sophisticate.  She talks about how much she likes Seiko-chan, although this is an unusual one, but for the arrangement on this song.

#1:  Kawai Sonoko’s Tokimeki.  Kenta finally loses it and asks why Seiko isn’t number one.  Megumi says that Sonoko-chan is perfect and closer to her (but not in age).  She says that this song is like watching a movie.  She discovered this on a CD five years ago, but Kenta says he has a lot to learn.

Next week’s request is from Yakyuu Nijubei-san who asks Megumi to imitate someone.  Megumi says she’ll sneak one in next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is about Macross II – Lovers Again.  Kenta describes how Macross II was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary and was released for six months, starting in May 2002.  Megumi comments that it feels different because it was created by a different company and staff, which is why it’s considered “another world.”

Sekki discusses the staff, Haruhiko Mikimoto for character design, Shiro Sagi of Evangelion fame for the music, and Kazumi Fujita of Z Gundam fame for mecha designer.  Hibiki’s voice actor was a live action actor actually.  He also discusses the production promotion for the first video series.  Bit of trivia is that Basara’s voice actor appeared as a bit part in the series.

This week’s song request by “Arusu no fune” is “Mou ichido Love You” by Kasahara Hiroko.  Kenta and Megumi mention that it’s a great song and that Kasahara Hiroko played Ishtar in Macross II (a cute character).

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week’s announcements are for Flashback 2012 on DVD on February 22nd, along with the Macross TV Memorial DVD Box.

Kenta and Megumi announce the broadcast and mail information.  Kenta announces next week’s guest:  Nobutoshi Canna, voice actor for Nekki Basara.

Key Word of the week:  Sapporo Hokkaido Yukimatsuri

Kenta:  drinking whiskey in a hot spring while watching the snow.

Megumi:  Won’t someone make a giant Ranka?

I'm hoping to have a few more summaries done this week.  Hopefully another one on Wednesday.
Macross 25th

Radio Macross #4 (January 29, 2008)

Sorry  for the delay, but work and life got in the way.  Apologies if you were looking forward to the fourth summary.  :<

Interesting news today is that the 13th broadcast of the show (on April 1st) will be the last show.  Hoping it's just an April Fool's joke, but seems to be real.  I've never heard of a radio show ending BEFORE the anime starts.  However, there will be another Radio Macross show sometime...

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre

They’ve just finished dinner and Bobby recommends the chocolate cake (the best in the city) to Ranka.  Ranka mentions that Ozma has been coming home late, and asks if work at SMS is that busy, even insinuating that he might be flying valkyries.  She asks him to keep his promise to her, which Ozma says he will.  Bobby nervously says that they’re just busy with all the new cadets, and to leave Ozma to him (he’ll keep a close eye on him).  Ozma suggests that they go home since it’s late, but Bobby wants to talk in private with him.  Ozma doesn’t want to, and Ranka says that she’ll go home first, and tells them to take their time.  As Ozma argues with Bobby, Ranka leaves and says that they get along so well, like her and Nana.

The hosts introduce themselves and catch guest Konishi off guard.  Kenta says that it’s written in the script, but Konishi doesn’t have a copy.  They talk about Bobby’s infatuation in the “De Culture Sho-Gekijo” intro skit.

2.  Ordinary Letters

Kenta and Megumi introduce themselves creepily and move on to the first letter from Okaja-san (sp) asking for “Santi-U” from Macross Plus.  They mention that since they were so busy last time, they didn’t touch on Konishi’s personal life and there are a lot of letters asking.

A letter from Higurashi-san asks what game Konishi’s into right now.  Higurashi-san is a student studying for exams, so he has no time to play games.  Konishi says that if he’s interested in a game, he’ll first read about it in a magazine, then buy it, but doesn’t play it.  He says it’s because he plays online games like Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy XI and doesn’t have time.  Kenta mentions he heard that when Konishi was on vacation he played Monster Hunter as well (true).  The latest game Konishi bought was for PSP (Yuusha no kuseni namaikina).  Kenta doesn’t play games and Megumi only plays writing games (like Exciting Breath (sp)).  Kenta mentions that sometimes in the studio he’ll see game magazines and realizes it’s Konishi’s.  He brings it in because there are a lot of game fans at the studio, but keeps the newer or more important ones at home.  Kenta says that he hopes for a Macross Frontier game, which Konishi says there will definitely be one.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Konishi reads a message from “Chou jikuu yousai Hinokinobou-san.”  He says that the other day a classmate asked if shijimi was like kamaboko.  It gets the greatest rating of “De Culture.”  They wonder how old these students are.  Kenta mentions that he didn’t know what tapioca was and can relate (Megumi can’t).  They ask the writer to write in with their grade age.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)

With a “bachikoi,” the segment begins with the request from last week (Mada Joushi Kousei-san) about Megumi’s worst dream.  She says that 90% of her dreams are of being chased by someone, but the scariest was running away from six pirates.  She managed to get their swords away and punch one in the stomach, when she woke up.  Konishi comments that she’s strong!  She says that usually she gets away, but this was the first time she was caught (although she beat one up).  Konishi wonders about dreams where you’re being chased, and Megumi says that according to dream books it means you’re worried about something, so in the dream where she beat up the pirate it means her worries were released?  Kenta mentions that there could be another side to it, and they discuss how it could be fans chasing Megumi (would she beat them up?).

Next request is from “Oyaji no hige”-san asking her about her record collection she talks about on her blog.  How many does she have and what singer does she have most of?  What’s her top recommendations as well.  Konishi adds his own request, asking her for her top five favorites.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

They welcome Prof. Konishi again and decide to talk about Macross the Movie again.  Kenta begrudgingly introduces Sekki and moves into the ending originally being cut when the movie was released.  Kenta and Megumi say they didn’t know, leading to a discussion about the Perfect Edition and Flashback 2012.

Kenta asks Prof. Konishi about his Macross experience, and Konishi says that he first saw Macross in second grade, although it broadcast at a poor time (2 pm) when children are outside playing.  He really watched when Macross was rebroadcast on Osaka TV when he was in Junior High or High School with the SD opening.  When he was an adult he bought the DVD boxes.

Kenta announces that Flashback 2012 will be re-released on DVD from Bandai on 2/22 and they’ll play “Tenshi no Enogu” (Angel’s Paints) by Mari Iijima.  After the chorus, Megumi comments on how Mari Iijima composed and wrote the lyrics to the song, and how she would like to be able to do that one day.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

First is Monthly Shonen Ace’s March issue, with Macross F’s second manga episode.  And also another Macross F manga serialization in Monthly Comp Ace.  They’ll discuss what the story will be in a future segment. 

They thank Konishi for coming two weeks in a row and call him their “savior.”  They ask him to come back again.  Next is the broadcast and contact information.

Kenta compliments Megumi’s reading skills and Konishi (who’s listening to Megumi’s song) asks Megumi what she was thinking about when she sang.  Megumi says she thought about Minmay, which they laugh at.

Finally they ask Konishi for a few words, which he goes into how he’s liked Macross since a child and being able to “pilot” a valkyrie is a man’s dream.  He’ll do his best on the new show.

Key word for the week:  Setsubun

Kenta:  mentions how for Setsubun at his house, he played the oni and his mom threw beans at him as hard as she could.

Konishi:  how his father got mad at him when he threw beans out the wrong way at the front door.

Megumi:  last year she cooked beans by herself, but this year she’d like a larger crowd.
Macross 25th

Quick Update

Just a quick note on some interesting news about guests on "Radio Macross."  Although next week (episode 10) will be just Kenta and Megumi, the following week will have Naomi Shindo (voice of Aries Turner from Macross Zero) and the week after that, Yuichi Nakamura (Alto Saotome) will guest.  Although I'm glad to see all these guests, I wonder if anyone from the original series will come on?  I would love to hear Mika Doi (Misa) and especially Mari Iijima appear.

In other news, summaries for Episode four and five should be up by the end of the week.  Stay tuned!
Macross 25th

Radio Macross #3 (January 22, 2008)


This week's guest is Katsuyuki Konishi, who plays Ozma Lee.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Bobby runs into Ranka and asks who she is waiting for in a cute one-piece. She tells him that she’s going to dinner with her brother, and invites him to come along.  Bobby is thrilled, and Ranka scolds Ozma for being late when he arrives.  It’s his treat for tonight, and Bobby says hello to his “beloved, beloved O-Z-M-A.”  Ozma is less than thrilled and protests as Bobby pushes him along.  Oblivious Ranka says it’s been a while since she’s seen her brother so happy and is glad she invited Bobby.

Kenta and Megumi introduce themselves and says that someone found Bobby in the Macross F Special (back from the first broadcast).  Base of Seiken-san (sp) found him in after the SMS scene where a character in a bandana is in an officer’s room.  They congratulate him and say “De Culture!”  Another guest is in studio again today.

2.  Ordinary Letters
“Totsugeki Love Heart” (Basara and Mylene duet version) plays in the background, requested by Chabu-san.  They introduce their guest for the day, Katsuyuki Konishi who plays Ozma Lee.  Konishi mentions that Kenta’s voice sounds a lot different (not as deep and serious) than usual, and also that it’s been quite some time since he’s seen Megumi (not since the Special recording).  They discuss Konishi’s Macross knowledge, which is pretty good, and his role as Ozma.  He’s happy he’s the leader of the Skull squadron, but thinks if it’s Roy Focker’s valkyrie, he doesn’t want to die.  On the day of the recording, he told the producer he doesn’t want to die, but was told it hasn’t been decided.  Konishi asks listeners to write in and say “Don’t kill Ozma.”  Kenta tells him not to count on the listeners too much since some unlucky things happen.  Kenta asks Konishi if there was anything he struggled with in the script, but Konishi says that Ozma is a pretty easy character to understand, like his feelings towards Ranka and his role as squadron leader.  The character may become more developed as time passes and he interacts with more characters.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Konishi knows what “De Culture” already means, and goes into his experience of entering the studio and Kenta called Konishi by what he thought was his first name:  Hiroyuki.  Konishi says, “it’s Katsuyuki!  How many years have we worked together?”  Kenta explains that he’s only called him “Konishi-san” over the years, but Konishi says he knows Kenta’s full name.

They move onto to a Deculture experience that could be greater than Konishi’s.  Neko-no-kemuri-san writes that his grandfather is often chased by the birds in the park.  They laugh and rank this “Macross Take-off,” possibly meaning great.  Konishi asks what other rankings there are, but neither hosts are sure.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
Megumi starts off with a “bachikoi” which elicits laughter from the other two.  Konishi says it suits her character, but Kenta says she’s sometimes over the top with it.  Continuing from last week’s request from “Tokyo no sakana”-san of showing all her meals for a day.  She took pictures of her meals from Wednesday.  For breakfast, she had a homemade bagel with blueberry jam (not nori!), she made herself.  For lunch, her mother made tamago-yaki and a Chinese dish, and always includes a tangerine or two for her.  She doesn’t really eat frozen food.  For the evening she had chai (with cinnamon and milk).  For dinner she ate out at Vermillion, and mentions she likes Chinese food, which makes them comment on “Nyan Nyan.”

The next request (order) is from “Mada Joshikousei”-san (Still a Female High School Student) who asks Megumi to talk about her scariest dream she’s ever had.  Kenta asks Konishi what’s his, but he says that he’ll talk about that next time.  Megumi says that her scariest dream happened yesterday and she’ll talk about it next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

For the third Macross Radio Academy, Kenta introduces “Professor Konishi,” who puts on an old man’s voice.  Today they’ll talk about “Macross Do You Remember Love?”  Released the following year in 1984 after the end of the TV series, it was supposed to be like the First Gundam movies with a recut of the TV series with new scenes added.  Megumi comments how amazing it was that they put it together in a year.  Sekki comments on Kent Gilbert’s voice role in the movie and the Skylark “Aji Oboeteimasuka” promotion.  Konishi joins in mimicking Sekki’s voice mentioning that he wanted to go to Skylark when he was a child for the Macross Goods, but there were none near his house in Wakayama.  Kenta laughs and says it’s a bitter memory, but mentions that the Skylark commercial is featured as an extra on the recently released Macross Movie limited edition DVD set.  Megumi says she wants to see it and Konishi says he already has the set (Sekki calls him a Macross “maniac”).

Sekki mentions the other two big movies from 1984 (Miyazaki’s Nausicaa and Oshii’s Beautiful Dreamer).  Kenta discusses the theme song and asks Megumi if there was any pressure covering it.  Megumi says that she watched the movie before recording and was says that the scene makes her cry no matter how many times she sees it.  Konishi says how cool the scene was (especially where Hikaru attacks Bodolza) and Kenta quotes Britai’s line when he contacts the Macross and other Zentraedy ships.  Megumi says she was nervous during recording, but Yoko Kanno cheered her on, calling her “cute” (Megumi mimics Kanno’s baby voice) and Kanno is actually the cuter one.  Konishi says that her version was very good.

There were many requests for the “legendary theme song” Ai – Oboeteimasuka by Mari Iijima.  After the first chorus, they comment what a great song it was.  (The version played is actually the shorter single EP version).

6.  Macross Information and Closing

Macross Frontier – Special Deculture Edition is available for online and cell phone viewing for a limited time.  Also, the first five episodes of the original Macross TV series is available for free online streaming until the end of January.  In addition, the Chaku-uta for Sagittarius 9PM Don’t be late is available from January 14th.

Kenta and Konishi comment how great Megumi’s version of Ai – Oboeteimasuka is, and then go into the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Konishi for coming and… 

This week’s keyword:  Winter Sports
Kenta:  I’ve never done them!
Konishi:  I’ve done them before!

Megumi:  I want to ski for the first time this winter!

Macross 25th

Radio Macross #2 (January 15, 2008)

Slowly working through past shows, here's the second episode, with their first guest.  I'll try to change the names to "official" spellings as information comes out.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre 
Ranka is humming and says that she’ll work hard at “Nyan Nyan.”  She realizes it’s late and hurries off.  She hears someone asking if she’s Sheril, and the voice says that her back was so mesmerizing… until he realizes who it it.  It’s Michel and Ranka asks if he’s hitting on girls again.  Bobby yells at the person hitting on Ranka and realizes it’s Michel too.  He tells Michel that Ranka is Ozma’s precious little sister and won’t get off so easily if he does something.  Michel mentions the words “lovely lady” which gets Bobby all flustered at the words that weren’t directed towards him.

Kenta and Megu introduce themselves and mention there’s a special guest in the front room.  Kenta compares the arrival a guest to how the Macross folded suddenly when the Zentraedy attacked.  Megu calls Kenta a “golden hamster” and asks listeners to come along with them.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Kenta and Megu welcome their very first guest, Hiroshi Kamiya, who plays Michel on Macross F.  It’s almost Kamiya’s birthday, so they wish him a happy birthday and present him with a cake.  His actual birthday is January 28th and he’ll be 33.  He reminisces about Macross, having seen the original broadcast back then, and how he connects robots to the series.  Kenta asks him how he feels about the new series, and Kamiya says that it’s weird, since they’ve only recorded the special and not even a real episode of the series.  He thinks the Valkyrie scene is cool and moving, and also mentions that he’s shocked to be part of Macross.

Kenta asks Kamiya to describe his character Michel, and even Kamiya doesn’t know much about him, although he did speak with the director a bit.  Michel is a 17-year-old high school student with glasses.  Kamiya and Megu first met at the Special recording, and Kenta asks what he thinks of her.  Compared to Ranka, Megu seems more mature, and cute. 

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta says that the “jingle” used is amazing and screams “Macross!”  Also, it’s a “De Culture” itself. 

Hot Cola-san writes that he went to buy a can of coffee from a vending machine and ended up with a can of shiruko (full of beans).  At first he was shocked, but realized he won on the roulette.  (note:  some vending machines offer a free drink when you “win” on a spinning roulette wheel, similar to a slot machine).  When he tried to get his real coffee drink, a can of shiruko came out.

They discuss how someone put the shiruko cans in the wrong slot in the machine.  Kenta mentions he did that once at a job and it’s easy to make mistakes.  Kamiya says that getting a can you weren’t expecting would shock anyone, especially if you started drinking it without looking at the label.

This De Culture Experience gets a “This was good” rating.  And the Zentraedy voice makes them laugh again.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
From Osakana-san asks Megumi what high schoolers eat nowadays.  He asks her to record everything she eats in a day, preferably on a school day.  Kamiya comments that the mail sounds creepy, but probably because Kenta is reading.  Megumi mentions that she had sandwiches for breakfast, which leads to Kenta and Kamiya saying they don’t know much about Megu. 

Kenta has some questions prepared for Megumi

Her birthday:  June 5, 1989

Zodiac symbol: snake

Place of birth:  Ibaraki-ken

Blood type: Type A that’s close to a Type B

Height: 157 cm

Hobbies:  didn’t catch

Favorite food and dislikes:  chinjo roast and carrots (this causes Kamiya to call her an elementary school student)

Favorite Song/Singer/karaoke:  Foreign Music would be Earth (?) and she likes ‘80s idols like Matsuda Seiko.

Favorite Macross series:  Macross Plus

Hardest Part about her character:  Ranka’s liveliness

Similarities to Ranka:  her abruptness

Future Wish as a Singer or Actor:  she’d like to do both

Kamiya is impressed she could answer everything.  They go into “Bachikoi” again (bring it on).  She says that regarding the food for the day request, she’ll bring in a little bit and they’ll upload pictures on the homepage.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Kenta introduces the “Guest Professor” for the day, Professor Kamiya.  This week, they’ll continue talking about the original Macross series.  They’d like to hear Kamiya’s experiences as well, but first introduce Sekki.  Kamiya comments that Sekki’s been in the studio the whole time, but hasn’t said anything until this point.

Today they discuss Lynn Minmay and her effects on future Macross series.  Megumi says that it’s impossible to think of Macross without Minmay.  Sekki discusses how Minmay wasn’t a main character before, being only a sub-character that delivered Chinese food, until Haruhiko Mikimoto designed her to be like an 80’s idol (like Akina Nakamori and Seiko Matsuda).  He discusses how the change affected not only future Macross series, but the anime world as well.  They should be thankful to Minmay.

Sekki asks for Kamiya’s favorite Macross series, which he mentions is Zero.  He loves the aerial dog fight scenes, which is why he became an “ace combat fighter.”

They move onto the Song Request for the week, and Kamiya requests “Runner.”  Sekki says there are two versions, and Kamiya requests Mari Iijima’s version, to go with the Lynn Minmay theme.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

In the February issue of Newtype, on sale January 10th, is a special on Macross Frontier, with pictures and comments from Megumi.

The three say their thank yous and Kenta mentions how smoothly the second show went with Kamiya.  Kamiya says that now that he knows how the program goes, if he comes again, it will go better. 

Kenta and Megumi go into the broadcast and contact information.  They ask Kamiya for a word to fans anticipating Macross Frontier.  Kamiya says it’s a wonderful work with a lot being put into it. 

This week’s keyword:  A Seijin is… (meaning when one becomes of age, or an adult at age 20).

Kenta:  describes drinking and breaking up a fight between the new adults and police at his Seijin Ceremony

Kamiya:  I’m still an adolescent.

Megumi:  Next, next year is her seijin ceremony.  She can’t wait.
Macross 25th

Radio Macross #1 (January 8, 2008)


Here is a summary of the first "Radio Macross" show.  Overall, it's a good first show, although latter ones are more interesting.  I'm hoping to have PDF summaries in the future.  Let me know if something is unclear or is wrong.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Bobby runs to Ranka announcing the start of “Radio Macross.”  Ranka says she’s nervous and wonders if she’ll do well, but Bobby kisses her and says that he’ll be by her side with “Okama-kama-power!”

Kenta and Megumi wish everyone a Happy New Year’s and introduce themselves.  They discuss the December 2007 Macross Frontier Special and the animation (like the high speed Valkyrie scenes, how cute Ranka is, and her futuristic cell phone).  They both wonder if Bobby was in the first episode (although Kenta was at the AR recording session), and ask fans to look for him.  Finally, they discuss what the radio show is about (announcements and information for the Macross well-informed and newbies).

2.  Ordinary Letters
Kenta and Megumi discuss how nervous they are since it’s the first show.  They already have mail from someone named Laguna Blade (sp) who asks them what the listeners should call them.  Both think being called “Miyake-san” and “Nakajima-san” too formal, so after a few jokes, they call each other “Kenta-san” and “Megu-chan.”  They realize they don’t know each other really (only meeting at the recording session), are not too far in age, and both are the same Chinese zodiac symbol (snake), so Kenta is 12 years older.  Megumi reveals she’s a senior in high school, too.  They discuss how they’re nervous (Megumi’s legs are shaking and Kenta is sweating), and how Macross Frontier is Megumi’s first voice acting job.  Kenta compliments Megumi on her pure voice, and asks what kind of person Megumi is.  She says she spaces out and is the nervous type.  Kenta admits he’s spacey too, but because of the New Year holiday.  Both will do their best though.  They decide to introduce the “corners,” or segments of the shows.

3. Oh, De Culture!
For Ah! De-Culture, Megumi admits that recently she fell on a train.  She fell asleep and hit her head on a pole.  Kenta says that when he used his electric shaver, it tickled him.  Megumi says that perhaps that’s why he’s nervous on the show.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
For Megumi – Oboetekudasai, she mentions that the bar is high for answering questions, and Kenta says that in the voice acting world, it’s eat or be eaten.  They make jokes and say “Bachikoi (Bring it on)!”

And they say fans should ask questions and make requests for songs.

Next is a message from Aki-no-sakana-san (Autumn Fish), who says that he got into anime through Macross 7.  He still listens to Fire Bomber and requests “Try Again,” which played in the final episode.  He looks forward to Macross F and wishes them the best of luck.  They discuss what a great cool song “Try Again” is, and then ask for mail again.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

The Macross Radio Daigaku (University) corner is to have fans love Macross more.  Megumi says this corner is for her to learn more along with fans.  This time to celebrate 25th anniversary, they’ll look back on the series.  Honey Sekki will tell them about things they never knew.  He was on the original Macross Radio series ten years ago, and says to call him “Sekki.”

Macross Frontier Series Organizer, Yoshio Hiromi, sends congratulation messages.  Megumi reads the message to Kenta:  Bobby has known Ranka since she was a child and is like an older brother.  He asks Kenta to be an older brother and watch over Megumi.  Kenta reads Megumi’s message, asking her to do her best, and he’ll be listening each week.

Moving on to discuss the original TV series “Super Dimension Fortress Macross,” which premiered in 1982.  Themes of transforming mecha, love triangles, and songs/music.  Sekki mentions that 1982 was a great year for anime, such as the First Gundam movies.  Kenta says he did see Macross as a child (was five years old) and was impressed by the Gerwalk and collected the models.  Megumi says that she’s seen the series on video and Sekki says he’s impressed.  Megumi says that she liked the love triangle between Minmay, Misa and Hikaru.  Sekki says that the opening was exciting, leading to this week’s song, “Macross” by Fujiwara Makoto.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

Two pieces of information this week.  The release of the Macross the Movie HD Remastered DVD and Macross Frontier manga in the February issue of Shonen Ace.

Ending BG song:  Ai Oboeteimasuka by Megumi Nakajima, played during the Macross F Special.  They ask for feedback and note the show is played on three stations, where to send postcards and e-mail address on the homepage.

This year’s ambitions:

Kenta:  To speak better on the radio.

Megumi:  To grow as a voice actor, as a singer, and on the radio.
Macross 25th

Breakdown of Radio Macross

Radio Macross runs for approximately 30 minutes.  It's one of the few radio shows I actually enjoy, maybe because I like Macross so much.  Basically each show is broken into the following segments.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
An intro skit featuring Ranka and Bobby, and possibly the guest of the week.  It then breaks off into Kenta Miyake and Megumi Nakajima introducing the show and what to expect this week.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Kenta and Megumi read letters from listeners, usually with a listener requested song playing in the background.  They also talk with the guest of the week during this time.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Letters from listeners about things that surprised them or happened to them are read here.  The letter is then "De Culture" rated.  Guests of the week are encouraged to share their own "De Culture" experience.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
Listeners send in a request for Megumi, asking about her lifestyle, to do imitations, etc.  She has a week to complete the task.  An interesting look at who Megumi is (like her ability to cook!)

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

A segment where Honey-Sekki and the hosts (and guest "Professor") discuss past Macross works.  Usually the song request of the week ties into the Macross discussion.

6.  Macross Information and Closing
Megumi reads any Macross announcements (such as toy and DVD releases or events), leading to closing comments with the guest.  The show ends with a random "keyword" of the week that they comment on.