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Novel: Macross Frontier Vol. 1 - Close Encounter

I just received the first Macross Frontier novel today.  Entitled "Close Encounter" after episode 1, I was amazed at how thin the pages are!  Looks like they can be damaged easily if not taken care of properly.  Sadly, I received a second print copy (I somehow forgot to order it when it first came out in July).  It still has the pink obi, but does anyone know where to find an image of the complete obi that came with the first print (back, front, and inside folds)?

Although it looks like they skimped on paper quality, it's all because of quantity. The book is 318 pages, and I've only had time to skim it so far.  From what I can tell, it looks like it covers up to Episode 7 (was that the episode when Alto saves Luca and Brera's valkyrie first appeared?).  I wouldn't consider the story to be canon, but some additions to the story look to be that Bobby is a fan of Sharon Apple.

The second novel comes out on October 1st, entitled "Break Down."  I wonder how long this series will be?  Feels like it could be four or five books long.


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