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Bandai Visual vs. Animeigo

I own a lot of different anime DVDs, and besides video and audio quality, I never really paid attention to the image size between different country releases.  It wasn't until Pioneer's release of Sailor Moon S that I noticed something was off, even when I watched it on my sad little 20" screen.  On-screen text was cut off and I could have sworn on my old broadcast video tapes I could read everything clearly.  When Toei Video released the series in Japan, I compared those episodes and sure enough, the master each company used was different.  Some od the film Pioneer used  has a large portion of the screen cut off (not to mention poor color quality), while Toei had the full picture with good/not great video quality (but colors are bright).

Ever since then, I've been curious to compare Japanese and American DVD releases.  In the case of Animeigo's release of Macross, although I knew something was off on the video quality (bless their little hearts to try to restore the series, sadly it didn't work so well), I was curious about the Japanese release.

Although the Animeigo release is dark versus the yellow-tinted release from Bandai Visual's 2000 release, Animeigo does win in one category:  image size.  Yes, Animeigo shows a great deal more of picture versus both Bandai's 2000 release and the new remastered version.  Color and image quality is completely off, but hopefully one day that can be fixed.

Here are some simple screenshots of the 2000 release and Animeigo's.  Enjoy.

Bandai Visual 2000 Release

Animeigo Release (Red lines represent Bandai's image... please excuse the poor editing job)

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