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Macross Thoughts

Since the intent on this blog was to be summaries of the Radio Macross program, with the announcement of its end back in March-ish, I wasn't sure what to write anymore.  I wasn't really interested in taking on the task of translating the Radio Macross F series, and with the real world there were too many things to do, so things fell on the backburner.

So, after a long time thinking, I think I'll just post Macross news and reviews on this site.  Not every day or even weekly maybe, but when I have time...  hopefully a lot of it.

First up will probably be a review of the original Macross TV DVD-Boxes from 2000.  I recently found them for $25 each (two of them unopened, and the one that was opened is in good condition with a few dings and sadly no obi).  Stay tuned.

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