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Radio Macross #12 (March 25, 2008)

Only one more show to go!  I wonder what next week's will be like.  Radio School Days ended this week, so that's another show gone... although the new Code Geass and Radio Macross F shows are beginning, so I'm at the same number of shows to listen to...

As most people probably have heard the "full" version of Triangler.  I'm not so sure if I like it.  Maaya Sakamoto's voice sounds really high and screechy, but then again, since it's from a YouTube like source I'll keep an open mind out for when the show and real CD comes out...


1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka is talking with Alto about being a student at Mihoshi Academy, in the pilot course.  Alto asks Ranka about her brother being in SMS (at a desk job), and Ranka says that she’ll ask her brother about helping him get a job.  Alto says that it’s OK, that he’ll find his own way himself.  Bobby pops up and Alto and Bobby exchange introductions.  Bobby thinks to himself that this is the newbie and how he’d like to put make-up on Alto.

Kenta and Megumi talk about how Shindou came last week and the guest this week, who’s sitting next to Megumi.

2.  Ordinary Letters
This week’s BGM is New Frontier by Fire Bomber from Macross 7 Dynamite.  They move on to introduce Yuichi Nakamura (Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier).  They talk about Alto and how he has a face that is mistaken for as a female (in a good sense, no the bad way), how his nickname is “Princess,” and how he’s a bit hotheaded.  Nakamura says that the role is easy to play (similar to himself), and that he’s worked with Kenta a lot before.  Nakamura admits that sometimes he loses it, making Kenta comment that he’d better be careful.  This is the first time Megumi has worked with him, although they’ve recorded a few episodes together.  He’s nervous of messing up with Megumi around and how they’re told not to talk together too much during breaks since it will affect their performance.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Nakamura discusses how last month there was an event he needed to go to, and he was going by bus, but forgot his wallet.  He couldn’t go back home, but did have 360yen or maybe 500 on him, so he was able to pay that fare.  He did need to ask people at the event to lend him money.  They laugh and Kenta says that he’s more surprised that Nakamura had money on him. 

Kasahara Takashi-san who says that he had a stomachache and went to the bathroom, but there was no toilet paper.  They discuss about how this sometimes happens and it gets a flushing rating.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
From last week’s request for Megumi’s recording report.  Megumi has even brought some photos.  The first is her with headphones on listening to the song without the chorus recorded (Megumi and Kanno record the chorus together).  Kenta comments on her serious face.  Once she remembers the different sounds, she goes into the studio.  Nakamura mentions that he’s recorded his second song and doesn’t know what to do with his hands during this time (since in karaoke, you hold a microphone).  Megumi mentions that she sings barefooted.  Last photo is with Kanno and Nakamura didn’t know who she was.  Kanno always wears a mini skirt, too!  They all ate crepes after the recording and Megumi discusses how skinny Kanno is.  Also that the image from her songs are 180 degrees from what she’s like (she’s a “fantastic” person).

The photos will be uploaded on to the Onsen homepage on March 25th.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is Macross Frontier and the guest professor is Professor Alto Saotome.  Macross Frontier will begin in April on ten networks with a theme song by Maaya Sakamoto (both Megumi and Nakamura have downloaded the chaku-uta movie).  Yoko Kanno wrote the music for the song, and Kanno and Sakamoto go way back.  Sakamoto’s first song was for “Escaflowne’s” theme song, Yakusoku wa iranai.  Escaflowne was also created by Kawamori, which surprises Kenta (but Nakamura knew).  The ending theme is Diamond Crevice by Sheryl (on sale in May).

Kenta asks Nakamura for his Macross experience.  Since he was born in 1980, he didn’t see Macross in real time, but watched reruns and played the games.  One of his biggest impressions is the original Macross theme song, which his friend sang at karaoke.  Playing Alto, he’s happy that he gets to interact with a valkyrie.

Kenta announces here that Radio Macross will end next week (Megumi says that he looks mad), and Radio Macross Frontier will begin (hosted by Nakamura and Kamiya, with Megumi appearing a little bit in the show).  Kenta acts mad, but Nakamura says that they’ll have guests and he can be one of them.

They move on to this week’s Macross song by Sheryl Nome “What ‘bout my star?,” featured in the Macross F special.  Nakamura mentions that he’s a big fan of Kanno’s works and Megumi mentions that Kanno has written a ton of songs for the series.  Kenta sulkily says that Nakamura should talk about that on his program instead in two weeks.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

There are three pieces this week.  The first is about the Tokyo International Anime Fair on the 30th, with a Macross event with Kawamori and mini live starring May’n and Nakajima.  Second is AMPM will have Macross Cream Puffs starting the 23rd, with a Sheryl version and Ranka version.  Last, is on the Macross F homepage, there is a nickname the VF-25 contest.  Contest ends on the 20th.

Kenta and Megumi read the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Nakamura for coming and joke that he’ll be doing this weekly starting in two weeks.  Kenta asks him for words to fans, which he says that the voice recording is going smoothly and the CG fights will give fans goosebumps.  He thinks it’s an amazing age to see such a work on weekly on TV, so everyone who’s interested (and even those who aren’t), please watch the show.

Kenta mentions again that Radio Macross will end next week and there will be a special, so please, please, please listen.

This week’s keyword:  Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)

Nakamura:  Has allergies and doesn’t really want to go.

Megumi: She has allergies, but wants to go.


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