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Radio Macross #11 (March 18, 2008)

This Radio Macross is probably my favorite, for purely selfish reasons.  The letter I sent to the program was read!  Hooray!  Although I'm too embarrassed to translate that section of the show, "Rikku Hanta" was the pen name I chose and I'm glad they liked what I wrote.  Woohoo!  Also, enjoyed the graphics that someone added to the show on Niko-Niko Douga.  :>

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka asks Bobby who he’s talking to and he says it is Aries Turner.  Aries sees Ranka and is very interested in Ranka, since she’s “half” Zentraedy (Ranka corrects her that she’s really only a quarter).  Through a fold system, Bobby is able to speak to Aries from 50 years in the future.  Aries is so impressed that she wishes she could tell her professor, but Bobby warns her that she can’t, because it might affect the future.  She says she wanted to ask about Roy, but is just glad that the UN war ends, and then communication breaks down.  Bobby laments that he wanted to speak more with her. Kenta and Megumi mention that they have another guest this week.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Today’s BGM is “Friends –Jikuu wo Koete-“ by Lynn Minmay and Mylene Jenius.  This song was a duet from the divas of the two series, written by Mari Iijima for the 15th anniversary.  The requestor hopes that there will be a similar song for Macross Frontier. 

Kenta goes on to announce this week’s guest, Naomi Shindou, who played Aries Turner in Macross Zero.  Kenta and Shindou mention that they’ve worked with each other often, but haven’t really had a chance to talk to each other.  This is the first time that she’s met Megumi (who recently graduated from high school).  They discuss the Aries Turner character, who was a smart researcher, and Shindou says that she never thought she would be playing Aries again (on the radio).  Kenta and Megumi comment that she has a beautiful voice.

They read a letter from Rick Hunter, a Japanese American fan, who discusses his Macross experience.  They’re impressed that Macross is popular across the world and Shindou mentions that she really loves Minmay too and even had her records when she was young.  Shindou mentions how amazing it was that Mari Iijima played both roles as Minmay’s voice and singing voice, probably a first in anime.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta asks Shindou for her De Culture experience, which was her failure at changing a lightbulb.  Since she lives alone, she had to change a lightbulb on the ceiling and had a hard time taking off the cover.  She broke it and used tape to fix it.  Kenta mentions that they’ll read a listener’s De Culture and see who wins (Shindou asks if this is a contest).

From “Isso-san” who was going to Ikebukuro on a train and a man was balancing a 500ml bottle on his head.  Even when he left the train station he still was balancing the bottle on his head like it was nothing, but he walked so fast that the listener lost him in the crowd.  Shindou wonders what people around thought.  The rating for this is a “De Culture” (or very good).

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
Megumi yells “Bachikoi!”  which makes everyone laugh.  Continuing last week’s request for Megumi’s memories of high school, she brought in some photographs.  The first are Puma sneakers used in dance club.  Everyone had to have the same exact style and color.  Shindou asks her what kind of dancing they did, which was popular dancing like Koda Kumi.  Second photograph is from 11th when she took a school trip to Okinawa for four days, but it was always raining.  The photograph was taken on a rare moment when it wasn’t raining.  The last is the veranda at school, which Kenta says is weird to come after a vacation photo.  The veranda was a peaceful place for Megumi to read or hang out with friends. 

Marshmallow Pudding says that he’s looking forward to Macross F and asks about how Megumi records songs.  He asks Megumi to make a report, since he’s never seen or heard how it’s done.  Megumi says to look forward to her report, and Kenta says that the photos will be on the Onsen page on March 18th.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is Macross Zero, with Professor Shindou.  Honey Suzuki shows up as well.  Macross Zero was created for the 20th anniversary, released from 2002 through 2004.  The valkyries and fight scenes were all done in CG.  Honey talks about the dog fight scenes and how it feels like the viewer was already there, and also how the series takes place in 2008, which is this year.

Kenta asks Shindou if she watched Macross before, and she really likes Macross Love Do You Remember and has watched it on TV numerous times (she wasn’t old enough to see it in theaters when it was released).  Kenta mentions that the first time he met Shindou, she played a boy’s role, so with Aries (smart with glasses) he was surprised how sexy she is.  Shindou auditioned for Aries and mentions that it was important to make the complicated lines sound really easy.  Her first scene was with a lot of difficult words, so she had to make it sound really smooth, and had to ask the director for advice and explanations.  They ask her about her role as Roy Focker’s ex-girlfriend, which was a happy point for her, although she was nervous during those scenes where it was just the two of them speaking together. 

This week’s song is “yanyan – Japanese version” from Macross Zero.  They mention it sounds like an island song.  Kenta asks all listeners to watch all five volumes of Macross Zero, out on DVD.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week’s information is three points.  Macross Frontier’s mobile site has a mail magazine that users can sign up for.  Bandai Channel and some other sites are restreaming the Macross F De Culture Edition special. And finally, at the Akihabara Dansou Café and Bar “Queen Dolce” has a Macross café event from March 22 through March 30th.  Visit the Macross official homepage for more information.

Kenta and Megumi go through the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Shindou for coming and acting as their “mother” for the day.  Kenta asks Shindou for a message to the fans, and she says it’s amazing that it’s the 25th anniversary and asks fans to please, please watch Macross Zero again.  Kenta adds to make sure to watch Frontier.

Kenta says there may or may not be an important announcement next week.

This week’s keyword:  Sotsugyo shiki (Graduation Ceremony)
Kenta:  he went to a hot springs in Beppu alone afterwards.
Shindou:  she confessed her love to someone once afterwards.

Megumi:  she didn’t want to graduate.


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