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Radio Macross #10 (March 11, 2008)

No guest this week, but interestingly they mention the Macross II sendaway song.  I do love this version, but was disappointed that the Marduk lyrics were never printed (only the Japanese lyrics).  I would love to find them one day...

I was amazed the Megumi's art skills.  That's a cool VF-25!

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Bobby is muttering to himself about “that man” when Ranka asks him why he’s been restless all day.  He tells Ranka that today is “White Day” (the candy company created holiday to compliment Valentine’s Day, where males give females chocolate gifts), and she responds that Ozma gave her cookies in the morning.  Bobby asks if Ozma said anything about him, but Ranka says no.  Bobby then lets his imagination kick into gear that Ozma is looking for the most delicious cookies on Frontier to give to his “beloved.”

Megumi reads a letter asking when “Macross F” will begin to broadcast.  They announce that the broadcast date has been set for Thursday, April 3rd on MBS and Friday, April 5th on TBS.  She reads the other stations (ten in all) to broadcast the show as well.  All are late night broadcasts and to check the homepage for the time schedule.

Kenta announces that Maaya Sakamoto will sing the opening theme song, “Triangler,” which is a collaboration with Yoko Kanno.  Megumi announces the single sale date and wonders if you can hear it before then.  Kenta announces that the song is available as a chaku movie currently and to visit “Reco Choku” and other sites for information.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Today’s BGM is requested by Honey Sekki-men (sp) which is Hiroko Kasahara’s To A Wiarabl Ren (Marduk version of Mou Ichido Love You), a rare song.  The letter begins, “Good evening.  Do You Remember the Taste?  I Remember the Taste (reference to Skylark’s Aji-oboeteimasuka promotion),” which makes them laugh.  The letter describes how the song was available as a single CD present to those who bought all six volumes of Macross II.  The CD also contains “A Message from Ishtar.”  Kenta is amazed that it was a not-for-sale CD, and Megumi talks about how it’s a 8cm CD, which Kenta asks if Megumi knows about the 8 cm CD singles, which she does.  (Note:  8cm single CDs were the standard single size in Japan until around 1999, before switching to the full 12cm CDs).  They laugh and mention that it’s a calm song and how they can read all the ordinary letters, which they usually can’t due to having guests.

Kenta reads a letter from Beiso-Seiken-san (sp) asking about something that bothered him in the fifth broadcast’s opening skit.  Bobby says Ranka is 16, and in the sixth broadcast Ranka also tells Basara she’s 16.  However, isn’t she really 15?  Megumi confirms that Ranka is 16, although she herself is 18.  Megumi says that being 16 was like yesterday, but it’s been 14 years for Kenta, but he was never like Ranka.  He was in high school and was part of the drama club for half a year, as part of the staff, although he didn’t know what he was doing.

Kenta asks her to describe being 16 in one line, which she says that it was when she started using make-up.  She learned how to apply it for everyday school life and not for work.  Kenta jokes that’s why she looks like an adult, and Megumi jokes that she’s going to get mad at him.  He tells her that lately she’s been very strict, but she says that she’s joking.

Megumi reads the next letter from Nezumi-doushi-no-hito, asking if they have or ever had a pet.  The writer says that he used to have a lot of pets before, but has no time now.  Kenta says he did when he was 16, but his younger sister is the one who likes them.  He bought a miniature rabbit for her birthday, but when it was delivered to their house, it was three times the size and not so “mini.”  It’s face and body length was mini, but it was fat.  Megumi says that she had pets when she was younger (two dogs, a cat that ran away, and a parakeet that she gave away).  She likes pets, but is afraid to let an animal like a cat out, because she would be sad if it disappeared.  Megumi says that maybe when she’s 20, because she’ll be more responsible and be able to take care of it.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Today’s De Culture is from Helitercop-san (play on helicopter) who writes that at karaoke she ordered a “China Blue,” but they delivered pineapple juice.  She wonders if it sounded like “Chinapple juice.”  It gets a “This is Good” rating.

Kenta talks about cocktails and how women seem to prefer sweeter drinks than men.  He mentions sweet lychee liqueur mixed with tonic water, and how some men drink it in one gulp and then get plastered, underestimating sweet drinks. Megumi says that she doesn’t know too much about liquor, so this was a good lesson and she’ll try a China Blue when she’s 20.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
They talk about last week’s request for Megumi to draw a valkyrie (and Megumi’s request for Kenta to draw Bobby).  Megumi shows off her valkyrie illustrations.  She drew what she thought a valkyrie looked like in pencil, and then a real one with a brush pen (no sketching) in a café.  Kenta is thoroughly impressed and says that Megumi seems like the kind of person who would draw a cute, deformed valkyrie instead.  She says under the VF-25, she even wrote “Valkyrie de Sasotte” (song title from Macross II).

Kenta opens his sketchbook to show his drawing of Bobby and Megumi is impressed with how he drew it with magic markers.  She likes how he wrote “Bobby” with a heart mark.  The pictures will be uploaded on the Onsen website on March 11th.

Next request is from “Tomo-hime” who asks for photos of Megumi’s high school life (clothing, club gear photos, etc.) since Megumi will be graduating from high school this spring.  She’ll take some photos for next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is the Haruhiko Mikimoto manga “Macross 7 Trash,” which was released at the same time as Macross 7.  It was serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace (same magazine as the current Macross F manga by Hayato Aoki) and was published in eight volumes by Kadokawa Shoten.  Neither Megumi nor Kenta knew about it, and Sekki explains it was a Macross 7 Side Story that took place on Macross 7 and starred Shiba Midou, who was rumored to be Max’s love child.  Kenta is surprised such a mature storyline happened in a Macross story, but Sekki says that it’s “just a rumor.”

They discuss how some “Seven” characters appear briefly in the manga, like Millia, and how amazing it was that Mikimoto wrote the story while working on Macross 7.  They mention the radio dramatization and CD release, originally broadcasted on the previous Macross radio show “Macross world ten years ago, and Sekki describes the hosts (Koyasu and Nakagawa) and how he and Director Tsuttsuu worked on the show.  The other Macross drama broadcasted on this “all-Macross” show was “Macross Classic.”

This week’s Macross song is from the Macross 7 Trash CD, Yuka Imai’s (Enica) version of “Ai Oboeteimasuka.”  Kenta and Megumi comment on this version being soothing.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week’s Macross information is about karaoke.  In the April issue of Newtype, there will be a DVD that has a karaoke PV for “Sagittarius 9PM – Don’t be late”, which will also be available on Joysound.  Joysound also has a “Motteke” campaign starting 3/10 through 3/23 offering a chance to win tickets to the Tokyo Anime Fair for those that sing the Sagittarius karaoke.  Check the Macross Frontier site or Joysound site for more information.

Kenta comments that there’s so much information today with the broadcast starting a month away.  He asks everyone to wait patiently.  They go through the normal broadcast and contact information.

This week’s keyword:  Haru Ichiban (first of Spring)
Kenta:  Can’t do anything with energy/health (genki)

Megumi:  she mistakenly rode the train for three hours and was late to her managing office (this makes Kenta yell “De Culture!”)


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