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Radio Macross #9 (March 4, 2008)

This week's big guest is Isamu!!  Yamazaki is older looking than I thought...

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka speaks with Isamu, who tells her about Guld having green hair like her.  Isamu comments on how pretty her hair is and tries to invite her somewhere when Bobby interrupts and tells him that it’s impossible to reach the center of the galaxy with a super-super-long distance fold booster on a valkyrie.  Isamu tells them to chill, but Bobby quotes Millard in saying “Don’t walk around with challenges and recklessness in the same pocket.”  Isamu says that was 20 years ago and he’s completely forgotten about it, and why the winner of the Roy Focker medal should be lectured.  Bobby fired back that he was deprived of the award, but loses his nerve when Isamu gets mad and suggests that they have a “nice long talk” since it’s been so long.  Ranka takes that as her cue to leave and Bobby calls for Ranka to stay with him.  Isamu suggests that they go play tennis.

Kenta says that his back has been hurting since he woke up, although the person sitting next to him has a strained back.  He then asks Megumi if she displays Hina-ningyo (Girl’s Day dolls), which she does, although the house she now lives in is smaller and she puts them on top of her piano.  Kenta laughs and tells her to display them in a proper place.  They then go on to say that there’s such a stupendous guest today, the star of their favorite Macross is sitting next to Sekki.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Today’s background song request is “Submarine Street,” requested by Hayato Aoki, the manga author of Macross F in Shonen Ace.  He sent a letter with an illustration saying that he looks forward to the radio show every week.  He also mentions that he plans to draw a lot of Bobby in the manga, eliciting cheers of joy from Kenta, who says to draw lots of Bobby even if Ranka’s panel count diminishes (“Hey!” Says Megumi).

They move on to introduce the guest for the week:  Takumi Yamazaki, who played Isamu Dyson in Macross Plus.  They call out “Isamu” and tell Yamazaki what big fans of Macross Plus they are.  They talk about the De-Culture skit and tennis (Kenta admits he’s scared of getting hit in the face with tennis balls) and we learn that Sekki is the one who wrote that skit.  Kenta admits that when he attended Sogo Gakuin (the anime school sponsor of the show), he brought in a Macross Plus video and rehearsed lines from it.  Yamazaki quotes a line from Macross Plus, eliciting more cheers from the hosts.  Megumi says that she watched the series again that morning and how it resembles a western film, but they’ll go more into the series later in the show.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta explains to Yamazaki that when a guest appears, the guest describes their own “De Culture” moment first and then a reader’s, and which wins.  Yamazaki says that on Setsubun (2/2) he drove to a family restaurant for dinner and it snowed that day.  When he exited the restaurant, he noticed that on the snow pile next to his car, someone had left their shoes behind.  He’s guessing that someone tried to jump into their car without their shoes so they wouldn’t get dirty and possibly drove home barefooted.  They comment that it looks like a scene where someone tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge or building.  Yamazaki says that it was more of a “sad” incident than unbelievable.

Megumi reads a letter from Fuji-sango-san who says the day after he washed his car, it snowed heavily.  When he went to scrape the snow off in the evening, there was a lot of snow in the car because the passenger window was left open.  They say that they feel sorry for him, and he gets a “Kyun Kyun” rating.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
“Bachikoi!” Megumi says again, making them laugh.  Kenta moves on to Yaminabe’s request from last week to take pictures of things with her name (character “ai”), and Megumi says that this request was a little hard.  The first, is a t-shirt with a huge “Ai” on it (she bought the shirt in Harajuku, and there were a lot of varieties).  Next is a sign, or something that looks like a store sign.  Kenta reads what the sign says.  The last is another sign, which makes Kenta and Yamazaki scream that it doesn’t read “ai.”  It’s from a store called “Megumiya” which has been around since Megumi was in the third grade.  Kenta mentions that the photos will be uploaded to the Onsen webpage on March 4th.

Kenta reads the next request from Mori-san who comments on Megumi’s cute illustration of Ranka on her blog (2/4 Entry).  He asks her to draw a valkyrie, in any form she wants.  Megumi also requests that Kenta draws a picture of Bobby.  Yamazaki says that he wants to see it too.  Kenta asks Yamazaki if he’s good at drawing which he responds,” I’ve forgotten where I put my art skills,” like the shoes.  Kenta says he’s the same, but will draw Bobby for next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is of course Macross Plus.  Yamazaki introduces himself as “Professor Isamu.”  Kenta reluctantly introduces Sekki, who says to Yamazaki that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other and that they should go drinking after the show.

Macross Plus was a four volume OVA series beginning in 1994, ending in 1995 and having a Movie edition that showed with the Macross 7 movie.  Sekki says that Macross Plus and Macross 7 were produced at the same time, and Macross 7 was promoted as the “Red Macross” and Plus as the “Blue Macross.”  Macross Plus was also Yoko Kanno’s first animated score work and she’ll also be working on the music for Macross Frontier.  Since the director and a lot of the staff of Plus are working on Frontier, Sekki says they’ll be tightly connected (note:  take this on face value of just the feeling of the series).

Kenta asks Yamazaki about his “hot” role as Isamu.  Yamazaki admits that he didn’t need to practice for the character since he always wanted to fly when he was little, so in studio he just acted as himself, and it was such an easy role to play.  Kenta says that whenever they went out to drink, he always thought that Yamazaki was a cool guy.  Yamazaki says that Isamu was a cool guy, short tempered and a simpleton.  Kenta says that Yamazaki’s voice and Isamu’s design were perfect for each other.  Megumi asks Yamazaki if there were any difficult lines and Yamazaki says that it was during the dog fights, like how someone sounds when g-forces are hitting them.  They comment how Yamazaki IS Isamu, and how they hope they become like that in their roles.  Megumi asks if Kenta really wants to become like Bobby.

There were a lot of requests for Macross Plus songs, but the majority was for “Information High” by Sharon Apple.  “Rurou no Tori”-san says he loves Macross Plus the most out of all the series, especially the dog fights, while Itou Kentarou-san writes about a techno show where the dog fight scene from Macross Plus and an interview with Shinichiro Watanabe played.  He doesn’t remember the detail, but Watanabe was a techno music fan and Information High made an impression on him.

Yamazaki says that the song brings back memories, like his line “Defcon 5” and how the valkyrie spins around during the attack.  Kenta mentions the scene in the movie where Isamu crashes his head into the screen to stop the Sharon image, and saying “Go Isamu!”

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week is comic information, with Monthly Shonen Ace’s April issue having the third Macross F episode by Hayato Aoki.  Also there’s the manga serialization in Comp Ace (April issue) “Chou jikuu Uta Miko Ranka” (Super Dimension Song Priestess Ranka), where you can see a different side of Ranka.  Both magazines are on sale now.

Kenta and Megumi go through the usual broadcast and contact information.  They thank Yamazaki for coming and he apologizes for being so stiff.  Yamazaki says that he wishes the program was a 25-minute Macross Daigaku Special.  Kenta asks Yamazaki to say a message to his fans and Macross fans;  He still isn’t in Macross Frontier, but asks everyone to watch Macross Plus.

This week’s keyword:  Hina-Matsuri (Girl’s Day Festival)
Miyake:  He’s mistaken as to who is next to the Emperor on the stand. (tonari no odairi-sama wa imademo otono-sama janaika to chotto utagatteru)
Yamazaki:  Shiozake is the best Japanese liquor

Megumi:  She’ll stop putting the hina dolls on her piano soon.


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