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Radio Macross #8 (February 26, 2008)

This week's guest is the voice of Sheryl Nome.  I thought this episode was pretty cute and Endo made a good guest.


1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka guides Sheryl to Mihoshi Academy.  Bobby passes by and asks what she’s doing.  Ranka says she was guiding Sheryl, and Sheryl says that she doesn’t do autographs in her time off.  Bobby freaks out that he’s in front of the Galaxy Fairy and asks her to do her famous line.  Ranka says she wants to hear it too, and Sheryl obliges since Ranka helped her.  “Listen to my Song!”  Ranka and Bobby scream, “You’re the best!”

Kenta comments that Megumi is dressed like Peter Pan.  Megumi says he’s cruel and mentions she’s wearing purple shoes and Peter Pan doesn’t wear that color.  “At least call me Tinkerbell.”  They comment about Canna coming into the studio last week and how “hot” it was.  There is another guest this week, someone “pretty” and “refreshing.”

2.  Ordinary Letters
“Yasashisa Sayonara” plays in the background (requested by Hikouki Mamegumo).  Kenta announces Radio Macross’s first female guest, and Aya Endo (voice of Sheryl Nome) introduces herself.  Kenta and Megumi applaud and wish her a happy birthday.  Today is Sunday, February 17th.  She is presented a Berry Cake (with lots of strawberries) and Aya is happy it even reads “Aya-chan” on it.

Megumi reads a letter from Gattsun-san.  His parents were in college when they saw the original Macross series and said they liked the series and valkyries.  He learned about Macross from the games and likes the transforming warships.  He’s happy to see the new Macross in real time.

They ask Aya how it feels being a Macross heroine.  Aya says that Macross 7 was her first exposure and her biggest impression was the floating mikes that look like cute birds.  Megumi and Aya comment they would like Sheryl to sing with one.  Jokingly, Aya asks if they’ve seen the first episode of Macross F.  Kenta says they’ll talk about it more in the Macross Daigaku corner. 

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta asks Aya about a “De Culture” moment.  She mentions that when she walks on the street, the person in front of her will not pay attention and hit her with a scarf or swing their arms too much.  Kenta and Megumi say they walk like that.  Aya says that they’ll hit her bag or body with their hand and it hurts!  They mention swinging umbrellas too and how dangerous it is.  Megumi mentions she probably does that, too.

“Hamuzukin”-san writes that he found a Yoshimoto-Gag team vending machine.  While it dispenses coffee, a skit plays out in “Tohoku-ben.”  Yoshimoto’s dialect is Kansai-ben.  They give it a “Good.”  None of them have seen this vending machine and go into GPS having different dialects.  Aya talks about how a friend’s GPS had a voice like hers and how mechanical she must sound.  Kenta tells her “Don’t mind!”

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
“Bachikoi” says Megumi, prompting Kenta to ask where she learned that from.  “Ikazuchi Beam” asked last week for Megumi to bring her homemade cooking into the studio or talk about her homemade cooking.  Megumi actually brought macaroon cookies, decorated to look like her and Kenta.  She drew the faces in chocolate, and Aya comments that Kenta’s cookie looks “young.”  Megumi says her cookie looks like “Kitaro” (from “Gegege no Kitaro).  Aya and Kenta compliment her, especially about the smell.  Both of them try it and compliment the taste.  Aya says that she wants some milk.  Megumi confesses that she tried making it many times, and how almond flour doesn’t rise and how it burns easily.

Yaminabe-san asks Megumi to bring in three things with the character “Ai” (same character as her name), whether it’s a book, CD, etc.  This is Megumi’s task for next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Macross Radio Daigaku’s theme for today is Macross Frontier.  Seki introduces himself.  Kenta describes last year’s Macross F special and how they want to discuss the first episode “Close Encounter – Deculture Edition.”  At the re-recording, Aya and Megumi ask if he was there, and Kenta says his line was “Scramble!” and he did it in one take.  Seki asks for everyone to look for the differences between the special and the final version, and also that the second episode trailer is on Bandai Channel’s website.

Kenta says that he’d like to speak with “Professor Endo.”  Aya has recorded three episodes so far and talks about how pretty Sheryl is, and how different she looks when she sings.  Kenta mentions how “sexy” Sheryl is.  Kenta and Aya worked on another show (Gaiga?) and how different their characters are.  Kenta asks Megumi about her “big sister” and she says how pretty Aya is.  Megumi mentions how when she sat next to Aya and spoke to her, she was actually staring at her cheek and not in her eyes. 

They discuss how Macross Frontier is a school story, and talk about high school.  Aya says that she was a good student, and really didn’t do anything bad.  She did go to the movie theater after school.

Aya has a request for this week’s song, Sheryl Nome’s “ Sagittarius– 9 PM Don’t be late.”  It’s the first time the song is being played on the show.

After the first chorus, Aya says that she likes to listen to it over and over, admitting she downloaded the Chaku-uta, too.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week again, more hobby information again.  Bandai is re-releasing eleven transforming models.  Yamato will be releasing a 1/60 scale Roy Focker VF-1S, more information to come in the future.

Kenta and Megumi give the usual broadcast information and contact information.  They thank Aya for coming and she says she felt comfortable in the studio.  Then they go into how they’ll be counting on each other in the future and Kenta asks Aya to take care of Megumi.  Kenta asks Aya for a final message and she asks fans to continue listening to the radio program while they wait anxiously for Macross F’s broadcast to start.

Kenta announces next week’s guest will be Macross Plus’s Takumi Yamazaki (Isamu).

This week’s keyword:  “Urudo”** (I couldn't understand them... HELP!)
Kenta:  Never knew about it.
Aya:  Thought it was a year when it rained a lot.

Megumi:  Can’t believe these two.


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