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Radio Macross #7 (Feburary 19, 2008)

Canna's second Radio Macross appearance.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre

Bobby and Ranka walk around with an energy meter created by Dr. Chiba.  Ranka comments it’s like an antique, but Bobby says it’s guaranteed to work by the SMS.  Basara sings and Bobby is surprised by the gauge reading on the machine, which could break.  Bobby is excited that now they can create a Sound Force to battle against the Bajira.  Bobby is off to tell his superiors, but says that he’s seen that street performer somewhere before…

The hosts and “Yoshiki Fukuyama” introduce themselves.  They say how great Canna was in the intro skit.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Macross 7’s “Try Again” is requested by “YF-19 Type F” and other listeners.

“Chou jikuu Hinokino Bou-san” asks Canna if Basara will appear in Macross F, but Canna doesn’t know and asks listeners to push the director to add him (but not erase Bobby’s role).  “Niichan Rai”-san (sp) asks them if they remember what they first bought with the money they earned from a non-voice acting job.  Canna says that he’s always worked as a voice actor, but the first thing he bought was an acoustic guitar, after admiring “Superstar.”  Megumi worked part time and saved most of it, but bought some shoes.  Kenta worked at a bakery for about a year and bought bread.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Canna talks about a dream he just had about being in a SWAT team and saving some people stuck in an elevator.  That morning on the news, there was a story about some people being saved from an elevator.  Kenta says that maybe his soul left his body and saved them.

“Miho-Miho” says that she ordered a pizza at a karaoke box over the phone, but eight came.  They accepted them, and Kenta comments on the high calories.  This comment gets a “Macross take-off” rating, with “flying pizza.”  Kenta comments that “ichi” and “hachi” (one and eight) do sound alike.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)

From last week, Sanma-no-hone-san asked for her best three clothes.  Megumi took some pictures and Canna comments that the red one is the hottest.  Megumi says that she chose the bonus dress with Ranka in mind.  Canna mentions that one of the dresses looks like a “summer girl’s” and Kenta comments that Canna is pretty knowledgeable.  They mention that the pictures will be on Onsen’s page on the 19th.  Since Megumi only chose dresses, they ask her about jeans and other clothing.  She says they feel too tight, but she wears them when she goes to look for records. 

Ikazuchi Beam-san asks about what cooking she’s most proud of.  She’s mentioned that she likes making desserts, so he would like to hear about her original recipe and have Kenta try it.  Megumi says he’ll be checking if it’s poisoned, and Canna says he’ll come to taste it.  Megumi says she’ll make something at home and asks Kenta to try it.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

This week they’ll continue talking about Macross 7 with “Prof. Canna.”  Sekki joins in and they discuss Macross 7 the Movie (which premiered with Macross Plus Movie Edition) and Macross Dynamite 7 (which was produced for Macross’s 15th Anniversary).

Kenta asks about the “Fukujin” unit, which Canna and Fukuyama formed.  Fans from Fukujin (like Fukujin Kaikinsho Musume-san) asks about last year’s birthday live and if there is something planned for this year.  Canna says that for now, nothing is planned, but he wants to see all the fans, especially since he turns 40 and would like to have a concert.  Around last year after the 25th live, they thought it would be fun to do something together, so they formed “Fukujin.”  Kenta asks if Canna played the “okama Starscream” in Transformers Beast Wars.  Canna says he made an okama character because he wasn’t sure how to act, and that no one acts like the script says.  Finally, Kenta asks for some advice from Canna to Megumi about singing.  Canna says that she has a good, soothing voice.

This week’s is Canna’s request for a non-Macross song from Fukujin called ”Muteki-man.”  They comment how it doesn’t sound like Canna and it’s “okama-poi.”  Canna writes music, but can’t write lyrics, and also asks Kenta to play guitar with him.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

Continuing last week’s announcement, at the Wonder Festival Winter 2008 on February 24th, there will be a large diorama focusing on Valkyries, and a karaoke machine by Joysound.  Visit Macross’s official homepage for more information.

Kenta and Megumi announce the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Canna for coming and helping them, and about his radio program “Fukujin-zuke.”  It’s available on Fukujin’s blog.  Kenta asks for a message to Macross fans, and Canna says to support the show.

Key Word:  Marathon Taikai
Kenta:  He ate tonjiru and ran away.
Canna:  He wore an azuki-colored jersey.

Megumi:  She’s never done one.


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