August 12th, 2008

Macross 25th

Macross Thoughts

Since the intent on this blog was to be summaries of the Radio Macross program, with the announcement of its end back in March-ish, I wasn't sure what to write anymore.  I wasn't really interested in taking on the task of translating the Radio Macross F series, and with the real world there were too many things to do, so things fell on the backburner.

So, after a long time thinking, I think I'll just post Macross news and reviews on this site.  Not every day or even weekly maybe, but when I have time...  hopefully a lot of it.

First up will probably be a review of the original Macross TV DVD-Boxes from 2000.  I recently found them for $25 each (two of them unopened, and the one that was opened is in good condition with a few dings and sadly no obi).  Stay tuned.