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Novel: Macross Frontier Vol. 1 - Close Encounter

I just received the first Macross Frontier novel today.  Entitled "Close Encounter" after episode 1, I was amazed at how thin the pages are!  Looks like they can be damaged easily if not taken care of properly.  Sadly, I received a second print copy (I somehow forgot to order it when it first came out in July).  It still has the pink obi, but does anyone know where to find an image of the complete obi that came with the first print (back, front, and inside folds)?

Although it looks like they skimped on paper quality, it's all because of quantity. The book is 318 pages, and I've only had time to skim it so far.  From what I can tell, it looks like it covers up to Episode 7 (was that the episode when Alto saves Luca and Brera's valkyrie first appeared?).  I wouldn't consider the story to be canon, but some additions to the story look to be that Bobby is a fan of Sharon Apple.

The second novel comes out on October 1st, entitled "Break Down."  I wonder how long this series will be?  Feels like it could be four or five books long.

Macross 25th

Bandai Visual vs. Animeigo

I own a lot of different anime DVDs, and besides video and audio quality, I never really paid attention to the image size between different country releases.  It wasn't until Pioneer's release of Sailor Moon S that I noticed something was off, even when I watched it on my sad little 20" screen.  On-screen text was cut off and I could have sworn on my old broadcast video tapes I could read everything clearly.  When Toei Video released the series in Japan, I compared those episodes and sure enough, the master each company used was different.  Some od the film Pioneer used  has a large portion of the screen cut off (not to mention poor color quality), while Toei had the full picture with good/not great video quality (but colors are bright).

Ever since then, I've been curious to compare Japanese and American DVD releases.  In the case of Animeigo's release of Macross, although I knew something was off on the video quality (bless their little hearts to try to restore the series, sadly it didn't work so well), I was curious about the Japanese release.

Although the Animeigo release is dark versus the yellow-tinted release from Bandai Visual's 2000 release, Animeigo does win in one category:  image size.  Yes, Animeigo shows a great deal more of picture versus both Bandai's 2000 release and the new remastered version.  Color and image quality is completely off, but hopefully one day that can be fixed.

Here are some simple screenshots of the 2000 release and Animeigo's.  Enjoy.

Bandai Visual 2000 Release

Animeigo Release (Red lines represent Bandai's image... please excuse the poor editing job)
Macross 25th

Macross Japanese Release DVDs

I’ve collected a lot of Macross video related items over the years.  I have all the series on laserdisc (never did get the boxes, but just the individual ones), and while I scoffed at the idea of DVDs in the beginning (huge graphic sleeves and inserts of the LDs versus tiny sized cases), I did make the transition quickly and happily.  After all, my laserdisc player was old and slow, and handling the discs were a pain.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous chances to purchase the Japanese Bandai releases of Macross DVDs both as new and as used.  Often when I passed on certain releases, it was due to financial constraints (not that I’m poor, but having savings is more important than having a bunch of discs) or they were in poor condition that didn’t justify the price.  I’ve passed on the original Macross Plus boxes as low as $50 each ($100 for the set and no obi, compared to the Manga Entertainment versions for $20 each I already owned).  Probably the series I’m sad I passed on so many times is the Macross II box (lowest I’ve ever seen is $75 back about four or five years ago).  I know it’s not the greatest series, but I do love the music and character designs.

So, why do I collect the expensive Japanese versions?  Because the packaging artwork is often very beautiful, and the video quality is usually better than the American releases (haven’t bought Korean or other Asian releases, so can’t make those comparisons).  The early 2000 releases do have slightly questionable video quality (when compared to technology now), but back then it usually put the American releases to shame.

So, what Japanese releases do I have?

Macross TV DVD Boxes 1-3 (1 and 3 are unopened)
Macross Love Do You Remember (original 1999 release)
Macross Love Do You Remember Remaster Box
Macross Flashback 2012 (Movic release, but no phone card)
Macross Flashback 2012 (2008 Bandai rerelease)
Macross Plus Movie Edition
Macross Plus Remaster Box
Macross 7 Vol. 1-4 (bought for $20 each during a sale)
Macross 20th Anniversary DVD
Macross Zero 1-5
Macross Frontier #1 (DVD and Blu-ray)

The three Macross TV DVD Boxes were a recent acquisition, and unexpected find.  More on that in a later post.  Also, if Isee the other Bandai releases used (or new) for cheap, I’ll probably pick them up due to the collector in me.  :p
Macross 25th

Macross Thoughts

Since the intent on this blog was to be summaries of the Radio Macross program, with the announcement of its end back in March-ish, I wasn't sure what to write anymore.  I wasn't really interested in taking on the task of translating the Radio Macross F series, and with the real world there were too many things to do, so things fell on the backburner.

So, after a long time thinking, I think I'll just post Macross news and reviews on this site.  Not every day or even weekly maybe, but when I have time...  hopefully a lot of it.

First up will probably be a review of the original Macross TV DVD-Boxes from 2000.  I recently found them for $25 each (two of them unopened, and the one that was opened is in good condition with a few dings and sadly no obi).  Stay tuned.
Macross 25th

Radio Macross #12 (March 25, 2008)

Only one more show to go!  I wonder what next week's will be like.  Radio School Days ended this week, so that's another show gone... although the new Code Geass and Radio Macross F shows are beginning, so I'm at the same number of shows to listen to...

As most people probably have heard the "full" version of Triangler.  I'm not so sure if I like it.  Maaya Sakamoto's voice sounds really high and screechy, but then again, since it's from a YouTube like source I'll keep an open mind out for when the show and real CD comes out...


1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka is talking with Alto about being a student at Mihoshi Academy, in the pilot course.  Alto asks Ranka about her brother being in SMS (at a desk job), and Ranka says that she’ll ask her brother about helping him get a job.  Alto says that it’s OK, that he’ll find his own way himself.  Bobby pops up and Alto and Bobby exchange introductions.  Bobby thinks to himself that this is the newbie and how he’d like to put make-up on Alto.

Kenta and Megumi talk about how Shindou came last week and the guest this week, who’s sitting next to Megumi.

2.  Ordinary Letters
This week’s BGM is New Frontier by Fire Bomber from Macross 7 Dynamite.  They move on to introduce Yuichi Nakamura (Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier).  They talk about Alto and how he has a face that is mistaken for as a female (in a good sense, no the bad way), how his nickname is “Princess,” and how he’s a bit hotheaded.  Nakamura says that the role is easy to play (similar to himself), and that he’s worked with Kenta a lot before.  Nakamura admits that sometimes he loses it, making Kenta comment that he’d better be careful.  This is the first time Megumi has worked with him, although they’ve recorded a few episodes together.  He’s nervous of messing up with Megumi around and how they’re told not to talk together too much during breaks since it will affect their performance.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Nakamura discusses how last month there was an event he needed to go to, and he was going by bus, but forgot his wallet.  He couldn’t go back home, but did have 360yen or maybe 500 on him, so he was able to pay that fare.  He did need to ask people at the event to lend him money.  They laugh and Kenta says that he’s more surprised that Nakamura had money on him. 

Kasahara Takashi-san who says that he had a stomachache and went to the bathroom, but there was no toilet paper.  They discuss about how this sometimes happens and it gets a flushing rating.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
From last week’s request for Megumi’s recording report.  Megumi has even brought some photos.  The first is her with headphones on listening to the song without the chorus recorded (Megumi and Kanno record the chorus together).  Kenta comments on her serious face.  Once she remembers the different sounds, she goes into the studio.  Nakamura mentions that he’s recorded his second song and doesn’t know what to do with his hands during this time (since in karaoke, you hold a microphone).  Megumi mentions that she sings barefooted.  Last photo is with Kanno and Nakamura didn’t know who she was.  Kanno always wears a mini skirt, too!  They all ate crepes after the recording and Megumi discusses how skinny Kanno is.  Also that the image from her songs are 180 degrees from what she’s like (she’s a “fantastic” person).

The photos will be uploaded on to the Onsen homepage on March 25th.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is Macross Frontier and the guest professor is Professor Alto Saotome.  Macross Frontier will begin in April on ten networks with a theme song by Maaya Sakamoto (both Megumi and Nakamura have downloaded the chaku-uta movie).  Yoko Kanno wrote the music for the song, and Kanno and Sakamoto go way back.  Sakamoto’s first song was for “Escaflowne’s” theme song, Yakusoku wa iranai.  Escaflowne was also created by Kawamori, which surprises Kenta (but Nakamura knew).  The ending theme is Diamond Crevice by Sheryl (on sale in May).

Kenta asks Nakamura for his Macross experience.  Since he was born in 1980, he didn’t see Macross in real time, but watched reruns and played the games.  One of his biggest impressions is the original Macross theme song, which his friend sang at karaoke.  Playing Alto, he’s happy that he gets to interact with a valkyrie.

Kenta announces here that Radio Macross will end next week (Megumi says that he looks mad), and Radio Macross Frontier will begin (hosted by Nakamura and Kamiya, with Megumi appearing a little bit in the show).  Kenta acts mad, but Nakamura says that they’ll have guests and he can be one of them.

They move on to this week’s Macross song by Sheryl Nome “What ‘bout my star?,” featured in the Macross F special.  Nakamura mentions that he’s a big fan of Kanno’s works and Megumi mentions that Kanno has written a ton of songs for the series.  Kenta sulkily says that Nakamura should talk about that on his program instead in two weeks.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

There are three pieces this week.  The first is about the Tokyo International Anime Fair on the 30th, with a Macross event with Kawamori and mini live starring May’n and Nakajima.  Second is AMPM will have Macross Cream Puffs starting the 23rd, with a Sheryl version and Ranka version.  Last, is on the Macross F homepage, there is a nickname the VF-25 contest.  Contest ends on the 20th.

Kenta and Megumi read the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Nakamura for coming and joke that he’ll be doing this weekly starting in two weeks.  Kenta asks him for words to fans, which he says that the voice recording is going smoothly and the CG fights will give fans goosebumps.  He thinks it’s an amazing age to see such a work on weekly on TV, so everyone who’s interested (and even those who aren’t), please watch the show.

Kenta mentions again that Radio Macross will end next week and there will be a special, so please, please, please listen.

This week’s keyword:  Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)

Nakamura:  Has allergies and doesn’t really want to go.

Megumi: She has allergies, but wants to go.

Macross 25th

Radio Macross #11 (March 18, 2008)

This Radio Macross is probably my favorite, for purely selfish reasons.  The letter I sent to the program was read!  Hooray!  Although I'm too embarrassed to translate that section of the show, "Rikku Hanta" was the pen name I chose and I'm glad they liked what I wrote.  Woohoo!  Also, enjoyed the graphics that someone added to the show on Niko-Niko Douga.  :>

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka asks Bobby who he’s talking to and he says it is Aries Turner.  Aries sees Ranka and is very interested in Ranka, since she’s “half” Zentraedy (Ranka corrects her that she’s really only a quarter).  Through a fold system, Bobby is able to speak to Aries from 50 years in the future.  Aries is so impressed that she wishes she could tell her professor, but Bobby warns her that she can’t, because it might affect the future.  She says she wanted to ask about Roy, but is just glad that the UN war ends, and then communication breaks down.  Bobby laments that he wanted to speak more with her. Kenta and Megumi mention that they have another guest this week.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Today’s BGM is “Friends –Jikuu wo Koete-“ by Lynn Minmay and Mylene Jenius.  This song was a duet from the divas of the two series, written by Mari Iijima for the 15th anniversary.  The requestor hopes that there will be a similar song for Macross Frontier. 

Kenta goes on to announce this week’s guest, Naomi Shindou, who played Aries Turner in Macross Zero.  Kenta and Shindou mention that they’ve worked with each other often, but haven’t really had a chance to talk to each other.  This is the first time that she’s met Megumi (who recently graduated from high school).  They discuss the Aries Turner character, who was a smart researcher, and Shindou says that she never thought she would be playing Aries again (on the radio).  Kenta and Megumi comment that she has a beautiful voice.

They read a letter from Rick Hunter, a Japanese American fan, who discusses his Macross experience.  They’re impressed that Macross is popular across the world and Shindou mentions that she really loves Minmay too and even had her records when she was young.  Shindou mentions how amazing it was that Mari Iijima played both roles as Minmay’s voice and singing voice, probably a first in anime.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta asks Shindou for her De Culture experience, which was her failure at changing a lightbulb.  Since she lives alone, she had to change a lightbulb on the ceiling and had a hard time taking off the cover.  She broke it and used tape to fix it.  Kenta mentions that they’ll read a listener’s De Culture and see who wins (Shindou asks if this is a contest).

From “Isso-san” who was going to Ikebukuro on a train and a man was balancing a 500ml bottle on his head.  Even when he left the train station he still was balancing the bottle on his head like it was nothing, but he walked so fast that the listener lost him in the crowd.  Shindou wonders what people around thought.  The rating for this is a “De Culture” (or very good).

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
Megumi yells “Bachikoi!”  which makes everyone laugh.  Continuing last week’s request for Megumi’s memories of high school, she brought in some photographs.  The first are Puma sneakers used in dance club.  Everyone had to have the same exact style and color.  Shindou asks her what kind of dancing they did, which was popular dancing like Koda Kumi.  Second photograph is from 11th when she took a school trip to Okinawa for four days, but it was always raining.  The photograph was taken on a rare moment when it wasn’t raining.  The last is the veranda at school, which Kenta says is weird to come after a vacation photo.  The veranda was a peaceful place for Megumi to read or hang out with friends. 

Marshmallow Pudding says that he’s looking forward to Macross F and asks about how Megumi records songs.  He asks Megumi to make a report, since he’s never seen or heard how it’s done.  Megumi says to look forward to her report, and Kenta says that the photos will be on the Onsen page on March 18th.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is Macross Zero, with Professor Shindou.  Honey Suzuki shows up as well.  Macross Zero was created for the 20th anniversary, released from 2002 through 2004.  The valkyries and fight scenes were all done in CG.  Honey talks about the dog fight scenes and how it feels like the viewer was already there, and also how the series takes place in 2008, which is this year.

Kenta asks Shindou if she watched Macross before, and she really likes Macross Love Do You Remember and has watched it on TV numerous times (she wasn’t old enough to see it in theaters when it was released).  Kenta mentions that the first time he met Shindou, she played a boy’s role, so with Aries (smart with glasses) he was surprised how sexy she is.  Shindou auditioned for Aries and mentions that it was important to make the complicated lines sound really easy.  Her first scene was with a lot of difficult words, so she had to make it sound really smooth, and had to ask the director for advice and explanations.  They ask her about her role as Roy Focker’s ex-girlfriend, which was a happy point for her, although she was nervous during those scenes where it was just the two of them speaking together. 

This week’s song is “yanyan – Japanese version” from Macross Zero.  They mention it sounds like an island song.  Kenta asks all listeners to watch all five volumes of Macross Zero, out on DVD.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week’s information is three points.  Macross Frontier’s mobile site has a mail magazine that users can sign up for.  Bandai Channel and some other sites are restreaming the Macross F De Culture Edition special. And finally, at the Akihabara Dansou Café and Bar “Queen Dolce” has a Macross café event from March 22 through March 30th.  Visit the Macross official homepage for more information.

Kenta and Megumi go through the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Shindou for coming and acting as their “mother” for the day.  Kenta asks Shindou for a message to the fans, and she says it’s amazing that it’s the 25th anniversary and asks fans to please, please watch Macross Zero again.  Kenta adds to make sure to watch Frontier.

Kenta says there may or may not be an important announcement next week.

This week’s keyword:  Sotsugyo shiki (Graduation Ceremony)
Kenta:  he went to a hot springs in Beppu alone afterwards.
Shindou:  she confessed her love to someone once afterwards.

Megumi:  she didn’t want to graduate.

Macross 25th

Radio Macross #10 (March 11, 2008)

No guest this week, but interestingly they mention the Macross II sendaway song.  I do love this version, but was disappointed that the Marduk lyrics were never printed (only the Japanese lyrics).  I would love to find them one day...

I was amazed the Megumi's art skills.  That's a cool VF-25!

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Bobby is muttering to himself about “that man” when Ranka asks him why he’s been restless all day.  He tells Ranka that today is “White Day” (the candy company created holiday to compliment Valentine’s Day, where males give females chocolate gifts), and she responds that Ozma gave her cookies in the morning.  Bobby asks if Ozma said anything about him, but Ranka says no.  Bobby then lets his imagination kick into gear that Ozma is looking for the most delicious cookies on Frontier to give to his “beloved.”

Megumi reads a letter asking when “Macross F” will begin to broadcast.  They announce that the broadcast date has been set for Thursday, April 3rd on MBS and Friday, April 5th on TBS.  She reads the other stations (ten in all) to broadcast the show as well.  All are late night broadcasts and to check the homepage for the time schedule.

Kenta announces that Maaya Sakamoto will sing the opening theme song, “Triangler,” which is a collaboration with Yoko Kanno.  Megumi announces the single sale date and wonders if you can hear it before then.  Kenta announces that the song is available as a chaku movie currently and to visit “Reco Choku” and other sites for information.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Today’s BGM is requested by Honey Sekki-men (sp) which is Hiroko Kasahara’s To A Wiarabl Ren (Marduk version of Mou Ichido Love You), a rare song.  The letter begins, “Good evening.  Do You Remember the Taste?  I Remember the Taste (reference to Skylark’s Aji-oboeteimasuka promotion),” which makes them laugh.  The letter describes how the song was available as a single CD present to those who bought all six volumes of Macross II.  The CD also contains “A Message from Ishtar.”  Kenta is amazed that it was a not-for-sale CD, and Megumi talks about how it’s a 8cm CD, which Kenta asks if Megumi knows about the 8 cm CD singles, which she does.  (Note:  8cm single CDs were the standard single size in Japan until around 1999, before switching to the full 12cm CDs).  They laugh and mention that it’s a calm song and how they can read all the ordinary letters, which they usually can’t due to having guests.

Kenta reads a letter from Beiso-Seiken-san (sp) asking about something that bothered him in the fifth broadcast’s opening skit.  Bobby says Ranka is 16, and in the sixth broadcast Ranka also tells Basara she’s 16.  However, isn’t she really 15?  Megumi confirms that Ranka is 16, although she herself is 18.  Megumi says that being 16 was like yesterday, but it’s been 14 years for Kenta, but he was never like Ranka.  He was in high school and was part of the drama club for half a year, as part of the staff, although he didn’t know what he was doing.

Kenta asks her to describe being 16 in one line, which she says that it was when she started using make-up.  She learned how to apply it for everyday school life and not for work.  Kenta jokes that’s why she looks like an adult, and Megumi jokes that she’s going to get mad at him.  He tells her that lately she’s been very strict, but she says that she’s joking.

Megumi reads the next letter from Nezumi-doushi-no-hito, asking if they have or ever had a pet.  The writer says that he used to have a lot of pets before, but has no time now.  Kenta says he did when he was 16, but his younger sister is the one who likes them.  He bought a miniature rabbit for her birthday, but when it was delivered to their house, it was three times the size and not so “mini.”  It’s face and body length was mini, but it was fat.  Megumi says that she had pets when she was younger (two dogs, a cat that ran away, and a parakeet that she gave away).  She likes pets, but is afraid to let an animal like a cat out, because she would be sad if it disappeared.  Megumi says that maybe when she’s 20, because she’ll be more responsible and be able to take care of it.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Today’s De Culture is from Helitercop-san (play on helicopter) who writes that at karaoke she ordered a “China Blue,” but they delivered pineapple juice.  She wonders if it sounded like “Chinapple juice.”  It gets a “This is Good” rating.

Kenta talks about cocktails and how women seem to prefer sweeter drinks than men.  He mentions sweet lychee liqueur mixed with tonic water, and how some men drink it in one gulp and then get plastered, underestimating sweet drinks. Megumi says that she doesn’t know too much about liquor, so this was a good lesson and she’ll try a China Blue when she’s 20.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
They talk about last week’s request for Megumi to draw a valkyrie (and Megumi’s request for Kenta to draw Bobby).  Megumi shows off her valkyrie illustrations.  She drew what she thought a valkyrie looked like in pencil, and then a real one with a brush pen (no sketching) in a café.  Kenta is thoroughly impressed and says that Megumi seems like the kind of person who would draw a cute, deformed valkyrie instead.  She says under the VF-25, she even wrote “Valkyrie de Sasotte” (song title from Macross II).

Kenta opens his sketchbook to show his drawing of Bobby and Megumi is impressed with how he drew it with magic markers.  She likes how he wrote “Bobby” with a heart mark.  The pictures will be uploaded on the Onsen website on March 11th.

Next request is from “Tomo-hime” who asks for photos of Megumi’s high school life (clothing, club gear photos, etc.) since Megumi will be graduating from high school this spring.  She’ll take some photos for next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is the Haruhiko Mikimoto manga “Macross 7 Trash,” which was released at the same time as Macross 7.  It was serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace (same magazine as the current Macross F manga by Hayato Aoki) and was published in eight volumes by Kadokawa Shoten.  Neither Megumi nor Kenta knew about it, and Sekki explains it was a Macross 7 Side Story that took place on Macross 7 and starred Shiba Midou, who was rumored to be Max’s love child.  Kenta is surprised such a mature storyline happened in a Macross story, but Sekki says that it’s “just a rumor.”

They discuss how some “Seven” characters appear briefly in the manga, like Millia, and how amazing it was that Mikimoto wrote the story while working on Macross 7.  They mention the radio dramatization and CD release, originally broadcasted on the previous Macross radio show “Macross world ten years ago, and Sekki describes the hosts (Koyasu and Nakagawa) and how he and Director Tsuttsuu worked on the show.  The other Macross drama broadcasted on this “all-Macross” show was “Macross Classic.”

This week’s Macross song is from the Macross 7 Trash CD, Yuka Imai’s (Enica) version of “Ai Oboeteimasuka.”  Kenta and Megumi comment on this version being soothing.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week’s Macross information is about karaoke.  In the April issue of Newtype, there will be a DVD that has a karaoke PV for “Sagittarius 9PM – Don’t be late”, which will also be available on Joysound.  Joysound also has a “Motteke” campaign starting 3/10 through 3/23 offering a chance to win tickets to the Tokyo Anime Fair for those that sing the Sagittarius karaoke.  Check the Macross Frontier site or Joysound site for more information.

Kenta comments that there’s so much information today with the broadcast starting a month away.  He asks everyone to wait patiently.  They go through the normal broadcast and contact information.

This week’s keyword:  Haru Ichiban (first of Spring)
Kenta:  Can’t do anything with energy/health (genki)

Megumi:  she mistakenly rode the train for three hours and was late to her managing office (this makes Kenta yell “De Culture!”)

Macross 25th

Radio Macross #9 (March 4, 2008)

This week's big guest is Isamu!!  Yamazaki is older looking than I thought...

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka speaks with Isamu, who tells her about Guld having green hair like her.  Isamu comments on how pretty her hair is and tries to invite her somewhere when Bobby interrupts and tells him that it’s impossible to reach the center of the galaxy with a super-super-long distance fold booster on a valkyrie.  Isamu tells them to chill, but Bobby quotes Millard in saying “Don’t walk around with challenges and recklessness in the same pocket.”  Isamu says that was 20 years ago and he’s completely forgotten about it, and why the winner of the Roy Focker medal should be lectured.  Bobby fired back that he was deprived of the award, but loses his nerve when Isamu gets mad and suggests that they have a “nice long talk” since it’s been so long.  Ranka takes that as her cue to leave and Bobby calls for Ranka to stay with him.  Isamu suggests that they go play tennis.

Kenta says that his back has been hurting since he woke up, although the person sitting next to him has a strained back.  He then asks Megumi if she displays Hina-ningyo (Girl’s Day dolls), which she does, although the house she now lives in is smaller and she puts them on top of her piano.  Kenta laughs and tells her to display them in a proper place.  They then go on to say that there’s such a stupendous guest today, the star of their favorite Macross is sitting next to Sekki.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Today’s background song request is “Submarine Street,” requested by Hayato Aoki, the manga author of Macross F in Shonen Ace.  He sent a letter with an illustration saying that he looks forward to the radio show every week.  He also mentions that he plans to draw a lot of Bobby in the manga, eliciting cheers of joy from Kenta, who says to draw lots of Bobby even if Ranka’s panel count diminishes (“Hey!” Says Megumi).

They move on to introduce the guest for the week:  Takumi Yamazaki, who played Isamu Dyson in Macross Plus.  They call out “Isamu” and tell Yamazaki what big fans of Macross Plus they are.  They talk about the De-Culture skit and tennis (Kenta admits he’s scared of getting hit in the face with tennis balls) and we learn that Sekki is the one who wrote that skit.  Kenta admits that when he attended Sogo Gakuin (the anime school sponsor of the show), he brought in a Macross Plus video and rehearsed lines from it.  Yamazaki quotes a line from Macross Plus, eliciting more cheers from the hosts.  Megumi says that she watched the series again that morning and how it resembles a western film, but they’ll go more into the series later in the show.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta explains to Yamazaki that when a guest appears, the guest describes their own “De Culture” moment first and then a reader’s, and which wins.  Yamazaki says that on Setsubun (2/2) he drove to a family restaurant for dinner and it snowed that day.  When he exited the restaurant, he noticed that on the snow pile next to his car, someone had left their shoes behind.  He’s guessing that someone tried to jump into their car without their shoes so they wouldn’t get dirty and possibly drove home barefooted.  They comment that it looks like a scene where someone tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge or building.  Yamazaki says that it was more of a “sad” incident than unbelievable.

Megumi reads a letter from Fuji-sango-san who says the day after he washed his car, it snowed heavily.  When he went to scrape the snow off in the evening, there was a lot of snow in the car because the passenger window was left open.  They say that they feel sorry for him, and he gets a “Kyun Kyun” rating.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
“Bachikoi!” Megumi says again, making them laugh.  Kenta moves on to Yaminabe’s request from last week to take pictures of things with her name (character “ai”), and Megumi says that this request was a little hard.  The first, is a t-shirt with a huge “Ai” on it (she bought the shirt in Harajuku, and there were a lot of varieties).  Next is a sign, or something that looks like a store sign.  Kenta reads what the sign says.  The last is another sign, which makes Kenta and Yamazaki scream that it doesn’t read “ai.”  It’s from a store called “Megumiya” which has been around since Megumi was in the third grade.  Kenta mentions that the photos will be uploaded to the Onsen webpage on March 4th.

Kenta reads the next request from Mori-san who comments on Megumi’s cute illustration of Ranka on her blog (2/4 Entry).  He asks her to draw a valkyrie, in any form she wants.  Megumi also requests that Kenta draws a picture of Bobby.  Yamazaki says that he wants to see it too.  Kenta asks Yamazaki if he’s good at drawing which he responds,” I’ve forgotten where I put my art skills,” like the shoes.  Kenta says he’s the same, but will draw Bobby for next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Today’s theme is of course Macross Plus.  Yamazaki introduces himself as “Professor Isamu.”  Kenta reluctantly introduces Sekki, who says to Yamazaki that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other and that they should go drinking after the show.

Macross Plus was a four volume OVA series beginning in 1994, ending in 1995 and having a Movie edition that showed with the Macross 7 movie.  Sekki says that Macross Plus and Macross 7 were produced at the same time, and Macross 7 was promoted as the “Red Macross” and Plus as the “Blue Macross.”  Macross Plus was also Yoko Kanno’s first animated score work and she’ll also be working on the music for Macross Frontier.  Since the director and a lot of the staff of Plus are working on Frontier, Sekki says they’ll be tightly connected (note:  take this on face value of just the feeling of the series).

Kenta asks Yamazaki about his “hot” role as Isamu.  Yamazaki admits that he didn’t need to practice for the character since he always wanted to fly when he was little, so in studio he just acted as himself, and it was such an easy role to play.  Kenta says that whenever they went out to drink, he always thought that Yamazaki was a cool guy.  Yamazaki says that Isamu was a cool guy, short tempered and a simpleton.  Kenta says that Yamazaki’s voice and Isamu’s design were perfect for each other.  Megumi asks Yamazaki if there were any difficult lines and Yamazaki says that it was during the dog fights, like how someone sounds when g-forces are hitting them.  They comment how Yamazaki IS Isamu, and how they hope they become like that in their roles.  Megumi asks if Kenta really wants to become like Bobby.

There were a lot of requests for Macross Plus songs, but the majority was for “Information High” by Sharon Apple.  “Rurou no Tori”-san says he loves Macross Plus the most out of all the series, especially the dog fights, while Itou Kentarou-san writes about a techno show where the dog fight scene from Macross Plus and an interview with Shinichiro Watanabe played.  He doesn’t remember the detail, but Watanabe was a techno music fan and Information High made an impression on him.

Yamazaki says that the song brings back memories, like his line “Defcon 5” and how the valkyrie spins around during the attack.  Kenta mentions the scene in the movie where Isamu crashes his head into the screen to stop the Sharon image, and saying “Go Isamu!”

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week is comic information, with Monthly Shonen Ace’s April issue having the third Macross F episode by Hayato Aoki.  Also there’s the manga serialization in Comp Ace (April issue) “Chou jikuu Uta Miko Ranka” (Super Dimension Song Priestess Ranka), where you can see a different side of Ranka.  Both magazines are on sale now.

Kenta and Megumi go through the usual broadcast and contact information.  They thank Yamazaki for coming and he apologizes for being so stiff.  Yamazaki says that he wishes the program was a 25-minute Macross Daigaku Special.  Kenta asks Yamazaki to say a message to his fans and Macross fans;  He still isn’t in Macross Frontier, but asks everyone to watch Macross Plus.

This week’s keyword:  Hina-Matsuri (Girl’s Day Festival)
Miyake:  He’s mistaken as to who is next to the Emperor on the stand. (tonari no odairi-sama wa imademo otono-sama janaika to chotto utagatteru)
Yamazaki:  Shiozake is the best Japanese liquor

Megumi:  She’ll stop putting the hina dolls on her piano soon.

Macross 25th

Radio Macross #8 (February 26, 2008)

This week's guest is the voice of Sheryl Nome.  I thought this episode was pretty cute and Endo made a good guest.


1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre
Ranka guides Sheryl to Mihoshi Academy.  Bobby passes by and asks what she’s doing.  Ranka says she was guiding Sheryl, and Sheryl says that she doesn’t do autographs in her time off.  Bobby freaks out that he’s in front of the Galaxy Fairy and asks her to do her famous line.  Ranka says she wants to hear it too, and Sheryl obliges since Ranka helped her.  “Listen to my Song!”  Ranka and Bobby scream, “You’re the best!”

Kenta comments that Megumi is dressed like Peter Pan.  Megumi says he’s cruel and mentions she’s wearing purple shoes and Peter Pan doesn’t wear that color.  “At least call me Tinkerbell.”  They comment about Canna coming into the studio last week and how “hot” it was.  There is another guest this week, someone “pretty” and “refreshing.”

2.  Ordinary Letters
“Yasashisa Sayonara” plays in the background (requested by Hikouki Mamegumo).  Kenta announces Radio Macross’s first female guest, and Aya Endo (voice of Sheryl Nome) introduces herself.  Kenta and Megumi applaud and wish her a happy birthday.  Today is Sunday, February 17th.  She is presented a Berry Cake (with lots of strawberries) and Aya is happy it even reads “Aya-chan” on it.

Megumi reads a letter from Gattsun-san.  His parents were in college when they saw the original Macross series and said they liked the series and valkyries.  He learned about Macross from the games and likes the transforming warships.  He’s happy to see the new Macross in real time.

They ask Aya how it feels being a Macross heroine.  Aya says that Macross 7 was her first exposure and her biggest impression was the floating mikes that look like cute birds.  Megumi and Aya comment they would like Sheryl to sing with one.  Jokingly, Aya asks if they’ve seen the first episode of Macross F.  Kenta says they’ll talk about it more in the Macross Daigaku corner. 

3. Oh, De Culture!
Kenta asks Aya about a “De Culture” moment.  She mentions that when she walks on the street, the person in front of her will not pay attention and hit her with a scarf or swing their arms too much.  Kenta and Megumi say they walk like that.  Aya says that they’ll hit her bag or body with their hand and it hurts!  They mention swinging umbrellas too and how dangerous it is.  Megumi mentions she probably does that, too.

“Hamuzukin”-san writes that he found a Yoshimoto-Gag team vending machine.  While it dispenses coffee, a skit plays out in “Tohoku-ben.”  Yoshimoto’s dialect is Kansai-ben.  They give it a “Good.”  None of them have seen this vending machine and go into GPS having different dialects.  Aya talks about how a friend’s GPS had a voice like hers and how mechanical she must sound.  Kenta tells her “Don’t mind!”

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)
“Bachikoi” says Megumi, prompting Kenta to ask where she learned that from.  “Ikazuchi Beam” asked last week for Megumi to bring her homemade cooking into the studio or talk about her homemade cooking.  Megumi actually brought macaroon cookies, decorated to look like her and Kenta.  She drew the faces in chocolate, and Aya comments that Kenta’s cookie looks “young.”  Megumi says her cookie looks like “Kitaro” (from “Gegege no Kitaro).  Aya and Kenta compliment her, especially about the smell.  Both of them try it and compliment the taste.  Aya says that she wants some milk.  Megumi confesses that she tried making it many times, and how almond flour doesn’t rise and how it burns easily.

Yaminabe-san asks Megumi to bring in three things with the character “Ai” (same character as her name), whether it’s a book, CD, etc.  This is Megumi’s task for next week.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

Macross Radio Daigaku’s theme for today is Macross Frontier.  Seki introduces himself.  Kenta describes last year’s Macross F special and how they want to discuss the first episode “Close Encounter – Deculture Edition.”  At the re-recording, Aya and Megumi ask if he was there, and Kenta says his line was “Scramble!” and he did it in one take.  Seki asks for everyone to look for the differences between the special and the final version, and also that the second episode trailer is on Bandai Channel’s website.

Kenta says that he’d like to speak with “Professor Endo.”  Aya has recorded three episodes so far and talks about how pretty Sheryl is, and how different she looks when she sings.  Kenta mentions how “sexy” Sheryl is.  Kenta and Aya worked on another show (Gaiga?) and how different their characters are.  Kenta asks Megumi about her “big sister” and she says how pretty Aya is.  Megumi mentions how when she sat next to Aya and spoke to her, she was actually staring at her cheek and not in her eyes. 

They discuss how Macross Frontier is a school story, and talk about high school.  Aya says that she was a good student, and really didn’t do anything bad.  She did go to the movie theater after school.

Aya has a request for this week’s song, Sheryl Nome’s “ Sagittarius– 9 PM Don’t be late.”  It’s the first time the song is being played on the show.

After the first chorus, Aya says that she likes to listen to it over and over, admitting she downloaded the Chaku-uta, too.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

This week again, more hobby information again.  Bandai is re-releasing eleven transforming models.  Yamato will be releasing a 1/60 scale Roy Focker VF-1S, more information to come in the future.

Kenta and Megumi give the usual broadcast information and contact information.  They thank Aya for coming and she says she felt comfortable in the studio.  Then they go into how they’ll be counting on each other in the future and Kenta asks Aya to take care of Megumi.  Kenta asks Aya for a final message and she asks fans to continue listening to the radio program while they wait anxiously for Macross F’s broadcast to start.

Kenta announces next week’s guest will be Macross Plus’s Takumi Yamazaki (Isamu).

This week’s keyword:  “Urudo”** (I couldn't understand them... HELP!)
Kenta:  Never knew about it.
Aya:  Thought it was a year when it rained a lot.

Megumi:  Can’t believe these two.

Macross 25th

Radio Macross #7 (Feburary 19, 2008)

Canna's second Radio Macross appearance.

1.  De Culture-Illness Theatre

Bobby and Ranka walk around with an energy meter created by Dr. Chiba.  Ranka comments it’s like an antique, but Bobby says it’s guaranteed to work by the SMS.  Basara sings and Bobby is surprised by the gauge reading on the machine, which could break.  Bobby is excited that now they can create a Sound Force to battle against the Bajira.  Bobby is off to tell his superiors, but says that he’s seen that street performer somewhere before…

The hosts and “Yoshiki Fukuyama” introduce themselves.  They say how great Canna was in the intro skit.

2.  Ordinary Letters
Macross 7’s “Try Again” is requested by “YF-19 Type F” and other listeners.

“Chou jikuu Hinokino Bou-san” asks Canna if Basara will appear in Macross F, but Canna doesn’t know and asks listeners to push the director to add him (but not erase Bobby’s role).  “Niichan Rai”-san (sp) asks them if they remember what they first bought with the money they earned from a non-voice acting job.  Canna says that he’s always worked as a voice actor, but the first thing he bought was an acoustic guitar, after admiring “Superstar.”  Megumi worked part time and saved most of it, but bought some shoes.  Kenta worked at a bakery for about a year and bought bread.

3. Oh, De Culture!
Canna talks about a dream he just had about being in a SWAT team and saving some people stuck in an elevator.  That morning on the news, there was a story about some people being saved from an elevator.  Kenta says that maybe his soul left his body and saved them.

“Miho-Miho” says that she ordered a pizza at a karaoke box over the phone, but eight came.  They accepted them, and Kenta comments on the high calories.  This comment gets a “Macross take-off” rating, with “flying pizza.”  Kenta comments that “ichi” and “hachi” (one and eight) do sound alike.

4.  Megumi - Oboetekudasai (Please Remember)

From last week, Sanma-no-hone-san asked for her best three clothes.  Megumi took some pictures and Canna comments that the red one is the hottest.  Megumi says that she chose the bonus dress with Ranka in mind.  Canna mentions that one of the dresses looks like a “summer girl’s” and Kenta comments that Canna is pretty knowledgeable.  They mention that the pictures will be on Onsen’s page on the 19th.  Since Megumi only chose dresses, they ask her about jeans and other clothing.  She says they feel too tight, but she wears them when she goes to look for records. 

Ikazuchi Beam-san asks about what cooking she’s most proud of.  She’s mentioned that she likes making desserts, so he would like to hear about her original recipe and have Kenta try it.  Megumi says he’ll be checking if it’s poisoned, and Canna says he’ll come to taste it.  Megumi says she’ll make something at home and asks Kenta to try it.

5.  Macross Radio Daigaku (Academy) and Song Request

This week they’ll continue talking about Macross 7 with “Prof. Canna.”  Sekki joins in and they discuss Macross 7 the Movie (which premiered with Macross Plus Movie Edition) and Macross Dynamite 7 (which was produced for Macross’s 15th Anniversary).

Kenta asks about the “Fukujin” unit, which Canna and Fukuyama formed.  Fans from Fukujin (like Fukujin Kaikinsho Musume-san) asks about last year’s birthday live and if there is something planned for this year.  Canna says that for now, nothing is planned, but he wants to see all the fans, especially since he turns 40 and would like to have a concert.  Around last year after the 25th live, they thought it would be fun to do something together, so they formed “Fukujin.”  Kenta asks if Canna played the “okama Starscream” in Transformers Beast Wars.  Canna says he made an okama character because he wasn’t sure how to act, and that no one acts like the script says.  Finally, Kenta asks for some advice from Canna to Megumi about singing.  Canna says that she has a good, soothing voice.

This week’s is Canna’s request for a non-Macross song from Fukujin called ”Muteki-man.”  They comment how it doesn’t sound like Canna and it’s “okama-poi.”  Canna writes music, but can’t write lyrics, and also asks Kenta to play guitar with him.

6.  Macross Information and Closing

Continuing last week’s announcement, at the Wonder Festival Winter 2008 on February 24th, there will be a large diorama focusing on Valkyries, and a karaoke machine by Joysound.  Visit Macross’s official homepage for more information.

Kenta and Megumi announce the broadcast and contact information.  They thank Canna for coming and helping them, and about his radio program “Fukujin-zuke.”  It’s available on Fukujin’s blog.  Kenta asks for a message to Macross fans, and Canna says to support the show.

Key Word:  Marathon Taikai
Kenta:  He ate tonjiru and ran away.
Canna:  He wore an azuki-colored jersey.

Megumi:  She’s never done one.